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The new features of iOS 8 and what they can do for you!

By Sj.Cliff
The new features of iOS 8 and what they can do for you!

The new iPhone is going on sale soon but Apples new iOS (OS 8) is here! According to the tech giants, this operating system is the biggest release ever. So what exactly does that mean for us? Well, we’ve downloaded the update and had a bit of a fiddle to explain the best bits for you.

*We may have told a weeny pork-pie about having an iPhone 6 Plus. Sorry about that, but we were excited! Don’t worry though – our resident Apple Fanboy Shü is hitting the Birmingham store at 5am tomorrow (commitment!) in order to get his hands on an actual one. Promise.

Interactive notifications

iOS's notifications (which appear at the top of the screen in other apps, and sit on the lock screen until noticed) have been semi-interactive for a while - experienced users will be well aware that you can swipe across Twitter or Facebook notifications in the lock screen to go straight to the relevant app, and across missed-call apps to ring them back - but things are moving up a level in iOS 8.
All iPhone users have experienced the tedious process of swiping a notification on your lock screen only to wait for the app to open to try and respond. Or you’re watching some tv on your phone and have to drop out of that app to reply to a text. Ok, it’s not a huge wait but it’s really annoying.

Not in 8! You can respond there and then!

Boom! Convenience!


This has come as a little bit of surprize to us. The keyboard has seen a total overhall in the new operating system.

Gone are the days where you’re stuck with the clunky apple keys and little bubbles telling you that you can’t spell. 

Predictive text got smart. The context sensitive, tone sensitive predictions mean that instead of sounding  like Siri’s sending an auto-reply, your auto typed conversation is actually pretty similar to the way you write. Total time saver.

Even if it isn’t your thing, you can easily swipe up predictive text and continue to ignore the fact it exists!

You’re even allowed to install third party keyboards… Swype can now be yours!

Voice messages

Sometimes it’s sort of hard to convey what you want to say in a text… sort of like when something really stupid happens and you need to scream “duh!”. The word just doesn’t have the same effect as hearing it.

With the new operating system you can now send voice notes instead of texts! We’ve had a play in the office and they can be both hilarious and creepy. In our opinion a super great feature.

Even better is the way it responds in the locked screen. When you receive a voice message, a little waveform will show up. All you need to do to listen to it is raise the phone to your ear. To reply, just speak back, lower the phone and it’s sent.

Photo Editing

Apple Photos hasn’t been left out of this overhaul. Dodgy snaps are now a thing of the past with the improved colour, light, cropping and other photo mumbo-jumbo!

The images are also added to the cloud, meaning that you can check them out on any of your apple devices.

You don’t have an excuse for dodgy selfies now!


You remember the iPhone had that right? There’s not just Evernote.

Apple Notes has come on leaps and bounds in this update! Alright, not exactly true if you compare it to every other notes app ever, but it’s a huge improvement!

With rich text (you can underline, bold and italic) and images, Notes has actually become sort of useful!

Stay tuned for my fruity tech news!

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