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The end for Nintendo?

By Sj.Cliff
The end for Nintendo?

Our Gaming expert Sam is a little cross, read on to see why she is stomping around the office.

The Playstation 4 and the Xbox One are stomping over our childhood friend Nintendo. Despite appearing on the console scene nearly 17 years prior to its rivals, it seems the old-timer has been pushed aside as the years have gone by. And the Wii-U doesn't seem to be battling through Hyrule to save them.

Video Game Timeline

(Handy little gaming time-line)


The question is: Has Nintendo lost touch with gamers?

Over the past two years, Nintendo have bought out just 20 games for their users. Are you actually serious? The PS4 and Xbox One had 15 exclusive games just on their launches.  Nintendo can’t really expect to be in the competition without content.

Pulling out or releasing another console now would resign the Wii-U to the same failure shelf as the Dreamcast – a hit that Nintendo just couldn’t recover from. Even if the console they created had the features showcased by the Big Two, it’s already far too late for the Japanese company.

Only time will tell the fate of Nintendo, but with it lies the fate of Pokemon, Mario and Zelda. Here at the TSG, we really hope that they can turn down this never-ending bad luck because (we don’t really want to grow up) it would be a shame to lose those characters.

What do you think? Have we got Nintendo all wrong?

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