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The dangers of a mobilectomy

By James Parker
The dangers of a mobilectomy

A  survey has found that people are more dependent on their mobile phone than ever, with almost a quarter of students claiming that being without their phone would affect their mental health, with a third claiming that they would rather give up booze for a month than their phone.

The survey, conducted by leading insurance broker Endsleigh, reported that 24% of phone users felt that the loss of their phone and the subsequent failure for the opportunity to check Twitter, take photos or listen to music would be detrimental to their mental health.

Not only that, but almost a third of respondents said that, given the choice between losing a smartphone and giving up alcohol for a month, they would wave bye-bye to bars for four weeks.

The results of the survey have been attributed to the way in which modern lifestyles have evolved with the adoption and evolution of smartphones and mobile devices.

The attachment to our mobiles is undoubtedly due to the way in which the need to remain ‘connected’ has dramatically increased. With workers now expected to be contactable and connected out of hours and whilst on the move, the smartphone has become an essential business tool too.

Such trends have also supported the growth of social media, with social media users remaining constantly connected even away from their PCs and, due to the way that mobiles and smartphones have developed into ‘all-in-one’ devices, this connectivity has further cemented them as an essential gadget.

From taking holiday snaps through to powering the growth of citizen journalism, the role that constantly connected digital cameras have played in the realm of social media continues to grow, with platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest amongst the fastest growing media services in the world.

Examples like these, where the phone has now evolved into something much more than just a communication device, further explain the attachment that users have to their devices. With smartphones now crossing over into areas of life previously dominated by the manufacturers of specific gadgets, such as photography, navigation, gaming, music and office tasks, the role of the mobile phone is clearly more important than ever.

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