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By Sj.Cliff

New app, Splid™ is secret weapon in the fight for justice for students

Students need no longer fear being taken advantage of, thanks to a new app which solves the age-old complaint of ‘your word against mine’. The Splid™ App (www.splidhq.com) allows you to lock away original, unedited images so that they cannot be tampered with, providing a credible eye-witness account which can be used to settle disputes.

The app was created by retired couple—and parents to students—Fiona and David Jack, who were fed up of feeling powerless when faced with minor disputes ranging from poor accommodation and shoddy workmanship to being overcharged by their utility company.

Fiona explained:

As a consumer I have so often felt that I was not receiving a fair deal. What makes matters worse is when, on complaining, the response has been a shrug of the shoulders and very little interest in putting things right. The Splid™ app gives the added impetus for service providers to do the right thing as it provides the cold hard facts at the click of a button.

Photos taken using The Splid™ app are automatically locked away in an independently managed, tamperproof cloud vault, preserving and guaranteeing their authenticity. Once a photo has been taken using The Splid™ app it cannot be edited, changed, adjusted, enhanced, doctored or tampered with, either on the iOS device from which it originated, or while stored in The Splid™ app cloud vault (where the image remains until it is deleted by the account holder).

There is also the functionality to be able to create unlimited multiple albums. You can then send a simple link to a third party to enable them to view, but not edit or delete, your chosen photo or album. 

Fiona concluded:

We created Splid™ to help consumers guard their finances and protect their interests by enabling them to make their point clearly and confidently—whatever their dispute.

The app is available on iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch.

Lindsey says:

During my time as a student, I came across plenty of people who had been charged by their letting agent for damage they had not done. Taking a quick picture with Splid™ when they moved in would have resolved these issues.
It could also be very useful for young travellers hiring vehicles or accommodation abroad and is very easy to use.

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