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Spin-offs we’d like to see

By Editor
Spin-offs we’d like to see

The recent offshoot of Better Call Saul has got us thinking about TV shows that too deserve a spin-off.

There's always a character in a show that you feel deserves a lead role in their own right, and whilst it can be a bad idea, with the right premise it is possible to create something magic. Therefore, here are a few sequels that we think would work a treat.

Game of Thrones: The legend of Bronn

Forget the Arya/Hound plotline that many fangeeks called for. It would get boring after a bit and [SPOILER ALERT] we doubt that could happen now anyway. What would be a slice of gold, however, is the life and times of sellsword Bronn. He's a warrior, so we could expect amazing fight scenes; he's a lady's man, so we could expect him finally meeting his match with a no-bullshit taking love interest, and he's pretty witty, so we'd expect some classic lines as he makes his way through Westeros.



Peepshow: Super Hans' Thai Adventure

One of the most intriguing and guffaw-inducing characters in Channel 4's seminal series Peep Show is Super Hans. Being a joy to watch, and often a scene stealer, it would be great to see him try to clean his act up à la Pete Doherty by heading to Thailand to find a monastery. Things OBVIOUSLY go awry and he goes on an animated journey through the heart of Bangkok. In doing so, he finds himself and learns that there's more to life than bongs and shroom trips.



Curb Your Enthusiasm: Leon Brings the Ruckus

Everyone who's a fan of Curb will definitely agree that Leon is the best recurring character that has ever appeared on the show. He's the chalk to Larry's cheese and their chemistry is charming. But would he work as a solo star? I like to think yes. His humour isn't really seen on mainstream comedy shows these days and it would be interesting to see how he would have run things in his native New Orleans.



Dexter: Harrison's First Road Trip

The finale of Dexter was perhaps the worst things that has ever happened to me and anyone else who stupidly followed the drama all the way to its dying moments. It was so abysmal that I don't even want to get into it. But perhaps it can be redeemed.

What if his estranged son grows up goes on an exciting pursuit to find his dad? Furthermore, will Harrison have his papa's murderous nature? Will his road trip be blood-filled? Who is to say, but it's definitely something that would pique my interest and go some way to win back its loyal fanbase.



Friends: The College Years

Everyone is in agreement that the most amusing pair in the most successful sitcom ever (Friends, obviously) was Ross and Chandler, right? Chandler was the funniest for the first half and Ross took the funny throne in the latter seasons. But the thing that always made me laugh was tales from their dorm share at university.

They were both obviously complete dorks and I imagine that their time as undergrads was spent being socially awkward at parties, failing bombastically with the opposite sex and learning a lot about adult life. Plus Ross had a killer mustache and Chandler wore an oversized blazer and a New Romantic haircut. This surely needs to be made?



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