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Sam Simons, co-creator of The Simpsons, has died

By Sj.Cliff
Sam Simons, co-creator of The Simpsons, has died

It’s a sad day for us all. After a three-year battle with colon cancer, Sam Simon has passed away, leaving behind one of the biggest legacies in animation.

Sam Simons wouldn’t have wanted us to sit around moping, so to honour him and his co-creation, we’ve handpicked our favourite Simpsons moments from the last quarter of a century.

Debuting as a sketch on The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987, half an hour episodes of The Simpsons that we know today started in 1989. I know, right! It’s hard to believe that it’s been going so long!

Since our favourite yellow family’s beginnings, they’ve looked a little… different. But after over 500 episodes (or about 8 and half solid days of screen time) the creators are still keeping it fresh.

So grab your Krusty Burger, catch your couch and have a look…


Not two weeks ago were we singing this catchy tune in TheStudentGuide.com offices… pretty odd considering that the episode in which it featured (Marge vs Monorail) originally aired in 1993

THAT hedge clip

The hedge scene from Homer loves Flanders can be used to sum up so many real-life awkward situations. That’s almost 20 years (1994) of creepy shrubbery magic.

When Lisa becomes cool

Every little girl's dream and every parent’s nightmare - Little Girl in the Big Ten appealed to literally everyone. The only thing we don’t get is what the hell Lisa was wearing…


Come on guys. It was 2002, not the 80’s.

The countless celebrity cameos

There have been more celebrity guest stars in The Simpsons than I can actually count, but NONE of them disappoint. 

Our highlight has to be the White Stripes drum battle or the day Lady Gaga took her giant train(?) into town.

ANYTHING Ralf Wiggum has been in

This guy is just a little cutey. Lowbrow humour has been and always will be, a classic.

He’s even got his own comic book!

What are your favourite Simpsons moments? Let us know on our socials!

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