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Runner Runner set for release on DVD

By Sj.Cliff
Runner Runner set for release on DVD

By now you may have heard people talking about Runner Runner that is due to be released on DVD in January. The two leading Hollywood actors, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck are not the only reason people are talking about the film, it has also reignited long standing discussions about whether online gambling should be legalised in the US.

The film follows Timberlake's character as he goes all in on a website called Midnight Black in an attempt to make enough money to pay off his university tuition fees from Princeton. He thinks his plan is fool proof as he dreams that illegal online gambling will win him the money he needs. However when he loses his life savings on the website he goes to confront offshore gambling tycoon Ivan Block, who is played by Ben Affleck. Block offers Timberlake's character a high stakes job which of course he takes, but it's all a bit suspect. The film is littered with poker metaphors in Timberlake's voiceover, which is quite entertaining considering how creative the phrases can be. Affleck and Timberlake perform to their usual high standards and are clearly at home in their roles.

Las Vegas casinos are using the film to spark discussions about whether online gambling should be legalised in the US. The issues that Timberlake's character faces in Runner Runner are unfortunately not far from the truth in the US where many players are opting to participate in illegal offshore gambling sites. In the UK where online gambling is legalised there are monitoring bodies and regulations in place such as the Gambling Act of 2005 which protects players from fraudulent activities. Companies such as Galacasino.com are regulated by this act which ensures player safety.

The film is entertaining to watch, especially if you consider that the events of the film are what many people have faced. It's certainly not an Oscar winner, but it is a fun film to watch and you can't go wrong with Timberlake and Affleck.

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