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Read our Jake Johnson (Nick) interview while watching New Girl season 2!

By Sj.Cliff
Read our Jake Johnson (Nick) interview while watching New Girl season 2!


The New Girl is back! The second season of the Twentieth Century Fox hit is on our shelves from November 25th; so if you’re up for quirky mishaps, awkward dance moves and sparkling Schmidt one liners it won’t be something you want to miss.


Geeky, optimistic and honest to a fault Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) and her offbeat roomies Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Winston (Lamorne Morris), are back and continuing the care free lifestyle in their Los Angeles apartment with hilarious consequences.


This season….


After getting laid off, Jess becomes a shot girl at Schmidt's re-branding party, CeCe (Hannah Simone) introduces the group to her new boyfriend and Nick begins penning his epic love story ‘Z is for Zombie’. Jess decides to try her hands at casual dating but is confused by the sexual tension bubbling beneath the surface of her friendship with Nick...


Speaking of Nick, we’ve managed to get our hands on an interview with star of the show Jake Johnson where he talks about this seasons relationships, star guests and hard work!



Q :  How did you guys want to approach Season 2 of New Girl?

JAKE JOHNSON:  As an actor we just approach it.  Whatever the script is, we just do that and I
think the writers have more pressure especially Liz Meriwether, our creator.  For us it's just
show up and say our lines and have some fun.

Q :  Talk a bit about how the relationships on the show deepened.

JAKE JOHNSON:  Well, what happens with a TV show is when it starts you're trying to
figure out who everybody is and then Season 2 is about really heightening everybody's story and
you get to know people more and you get to know who they are in relation to each other.  In
Season  2 there is a big Nick & Jess story line where that really becomes a big part of the show. 
It was really fun to play and I think it turned out really nicely.

Q :  Talk about the balance of keeping two styles of comedy in check.

JAKE JOHNSON:  The key to our show is that it's an Ensemble.  It’s not there's just one wacky
person and everybody else sets him up.  It's everybody's funny.  It just depends on what the
story is and what the episode is in terms of the broadness of it or the subtly of it or how we're
going to play it.  On this show everybody can kind of do every role.

Q :  What surprised you most about Nick's love life this season because something big happens.

JAKE JOHNSON:  Nick finally in this season gets a little courage and goes after the girl.  I think it's
fun for people to watch.

Q :  Is it risky when you put two unexpected things like this together?

JAKE JOHNSON:  In television everything is risky.  I think not putting them together is risky. I
think putting them together is risky.  I think putting them together and breaking them up is
risky.  There are other shows you can compare it to, but we've never done New Girl before.  So
this is the first time we're doing it.  Whatever kind of happens is what it is and hopefully it's
successful so we get to keep doing it.

Q :  You guys had a terrific array of guest stars.

JAKE JOHNSON:  We had unbelievable guest stars Season 2.  From Rob Reiner to Rob Riggle to
Jamie Lee Curtis to Dennis Farina, the list just keeps going on. David Walton, who played Dr.
Sam, Olivia Munn, who's unbelievable who played Angie, Nick's girlfriend.  We just got very
lucky.  We're lucky to have a show that a lot of actors want to come and perform on.  I hope it
continues because it's been a real strength of our show the guest stars who come on.

Q :  Will there be more moments where we see into the family life of the characters?  We saw a lot of family.

JAKE JOHNSON:  We did and I think we'll see more.  Liz really likes to explore Characters back
stories.  In Season 3 we're going to learn about Schmidt's family from what I understand.  I really
like that stuff. I hope we get to go back to Chicago a lot and I hope we get to know more about
Nick's family and that's really fun stuff to do.

Q :  I didn't realize you guys shoot quite a bit of material for a given episode.  Is that tough? 

JAKE JOHNSON:  We shoot 14 hour days, five days a week and after a week, we get 21 minutes. 
So we are shooting about 70 hours to make 20 minutes. 

Q :  Are you one to revisit your work?

JAKE JOHNSON:  I always watch every episode at least once because the stuff they
put in, I'm very curious.  The tone of the show changes as the season goes on and as an actor
if you're not watching and you don't know what they pick, it makes my day job of actually
shooting it a lot harder.  I like to watch to see where they’re going because we'll do a scene
15 different ways.  I want to see what ultimately gets on television so I can start that way
in the next episode.

Q :  Is Nick going to lose some of the insecurity not being good enough for Jess?

JAKE JOHNSON:  All that stuff is really up to the writers.  They'll throw things out one week and
then the next week it'll be so different.  So I don't know.  Honestly, I come in, I try to do
whatever they write. You do it and then the people like it and you go like, well I think they got it
figured out so I'm just going to come in here and do this material as best I can.

Q :  Can you pinpoint a certain part of last year that you really enjoyed most? 

JAKE JOHNSON:  I really loved Season 2 of New Girl.  It was really strong and the show really
found its voice.  I loved the character Tran, the old Asian guy Nick talks to on the bench.  Tonally
that was really fun to do.  I loved the Chicago episode.  I loved working with Dennis Farina and
Nick Kroll and Big Bill Burr and Margo Martindale and that whole gang.  That was really fun to
get the whole cast go to Chicago.  Then the kiss with Nick and Jess was kind of the highlight of
the season for me.

New Girl is out now on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

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