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Rating the best songs that celebrities have made

By Editor
Rating the best songs that celebrities have made


Everyone has a hobby or pastime, don't they?

Some people like biking on the weekends or playing guitar after work. But, when you're rich and famous, you're allowed to take your leisurely pursuits and foist them upon the public like you're a multi-talented behemoth. Let's be real, James Franco is not far off jumping on a Rudimental track or hosting a paleo diet food vlog. However, he's not the only one who's done it, especially in the music world. Here's our rated guide of when celebs have made records.

Paris Hilton

She conquered the reality world (whatever that means) and then she set her sights on making a song that sounds like Kingston Town. Though I hate to admit it, it's not the worst mid-tempo, overly produced pop track I've ever heard. It must have resonated with the people at the top because she's now somehow signed to Cash Money records.

4 out of 5


Keanu Reeves

It's tough being Keanu, I feel. He sat on a bench to eat a sandwich, got papped and went on to be ridiculed via a meme for what felt like a lifetime. But that's nothing compared to the world ignoring his band, Dogstar, even though he somehow played Glastonbury. Anyway, they were pretty bad, even by the early noughties Creed-era rock sound. Fortunately, they are no more and Reeves is making movies and resisting the aging process.

2 out of 5


Johnny Depp

We mentioned last week how Mr. Depp is a rockstar, smuggling his dogs into Australia, so it's no surprise the guy considers himself to be a bit of a guitar maestro. Even though he recently referred to actors playing music as "sickening," he is the king of doing this and has swaggered onto many a stage of an established act's gig with his trusty ax. He loses points as he hasn't really made his own music, too.

0 out 5


Holly Hagen

Geordie Shore wasn't enough for her, so Holly Hagen decided to attempt a Europop career. Her cover of Kelis' Milkshake is so bad it's insulting.

1 out of 5


Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis may seem a bit broody, but he's really a good time gal. He's made loads of music and some of is actually top banana. For instance, Fun Time, from his critically acclaimed album, The Return of Bruno, is a party hit. I'm not sure what kind of party it would go down well at, but I'm certain it would be a hit.

4 out of 5


Kate Moss

The Moss-ster is always trying to sneak aboard her beau's music projects and she usually adds nothing to the finished product. Her basic schtick is: 'look at me, I’m so breathy'. Don't give up your lucrative day job, pal.

0 out of 5


Scarlett Johansson

She's a bit of an oddball is Scarlett. She loves music and music loves her. In 2007, she released an album of blues crooner Tom Waits songs and recently she teamed up with the weird-faced bassist from Haim to make a band called The Singles. It sounds like a song Olly Murs would have attempted to write for the Drive soundtrack.

3 out of 5


Honourable mention: Drake

Technically, Drake is an actor-turned-rapper, so really he should be allowed a spot on this list. Here's Drizzy spitting some fire as Jimmy on Canada's greatest television drama; Degrassi.

6 out of 5



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