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Portable Bluetooth Speakers: Bassboomz Review!

By Sj.Cliff
Portable Bluetooth Speakers: Bassboomz Review!

Much to our excitement, we have a pair of BassBoomz Bluetooth Speakers by Bassbuds; one to review and one to give away (keep your eyes peeled on the site for that one!)

When these speakers arrived in the office, their small and colourful design instantly attracted a curious crowd. With a satisfying weight and impressive sturdiness to them, we knew that we were holding something awesome – and we all wanted a go!

These portable speakers measure approximately two inches in both width and height, until it’s twisted and opened up to reveal the Bass Expansion System - which adds just an extra half an inch but a whole lotta sound, so is literally small enough to slip into your pocket or bag.

We instantly hooked the speaker up to our Editor’s iPhone, and we couldn’t believe how easy and fast it was. The connecting process is reliable, painless and extremely easily done. Any wireless device with a Bluetooth connection (and those without – using the AUX cable) can use these speakers, so once I got a glimpse of them, I was instantly regretting my recent speaker purchase for my iPad.

The sound was crisp, clear and not at all tinny, and the added Bass Expansion System is an excellent feature. We expected the sound to be capped, since it is such a small device, but we were pleasantly surprised at how loud and powerful it could go – much to the dismay of the rest of the office who were trying to work (though we know they were impressed too!)

With such a cool little gadget in the office, we needed an excuse to test it. So when our head designer, Shϋ, flew off to Sweden to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, we packed up the metallic pink BassBoomz and sent it with him.

This is a prime example of where these speakers become super useful. Listening to music straight from your phone in a hotel room is a pain in the behind – but traveling with a set of speakers or your laptop is just as impractical.

So, Shϋ took the speakers on a trip to Europe and returned with not only a truck load of Eurovision anecdotes, but also a glowing BassBoomz review. He said that the fact that it clips and closes tightly into a solid and sturdy piece meant that it could just be thrown into his luggage without any worry of damage.

He charged it up before he left, and did not have to charge it again on his trip. However, he was only there for 4 days and admitted that he only used it to get himself “pumped up by blasting classic Eurovision songs from the past!” whilst getting ready in his hotel room.

The built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery claims to have 5-6 hours of play time at 70% volume. For Shϋ, this was enough for his trip. But if you’re planning on using this for a party or for a longer trip, you will want to ensure you can charge it well.

The speakers come with a USB charging cable and an AUX cable, but no adapter to plug straight into the mains. You can charge them using the USB cord straight into your computer, but if you are travelling without a laptop, you will want to make sure that you have a USB plug charger (like most iPhone chargers) in order to do this.

The look and feel of these speakers are excellent. Sleek, clean and simple, they come in eight different metallic colours: pink, red, green, purple, black, blue, gold and silver. They look fantastic on a desk, next to a bed, or in the kitchen. Anywhere you can fit something the size of an oversized shot glass can house this little gadget.

The fact that it is so small, and more importantly wirelessly controlled, got us in the office brainstorming where we could hide it to give people a fright. After disregarding this on the grounds of professionalism (just!), we opted to let Shϋ relive his memories by playing the Eurovision 2013 album this morning.

We did not last through all 39 songs (seriously), but this was obviously not the speakers fault. There’s only so many European ballads The Student Guide can take, but you could not fault the sound quality which was much better than our usual radio speakers - especially since you could move it around to a more central location.

Another super cool bonus of the BassBoomz is the dual connectivity. We can’t try this out because we are saving our second speaker for one of you lucky people, but we are sure that it would be awesome. If you have two BassBoomz, you can connect them using the splitter wire included, to double your sound – excellent for parties!

If you are looking for some portable speakers for your bedroom, to take to Uni, to throw in your bag and go traveling, for your new apartment or for absolutely anything else – BassBoomz should be your first call!

We absolutely love them here, and there will surely be a fight in the office for the next person to take it home!

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