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Playstation is 20 years old today! Here are our favourite ever games.

By Editor
Playstation is 20 years old today! Here are our favourite ever games.

Today the humble Playstation 1 turns 20 – can you believe it? This special milestone in gaming got our editorial team all nostalgic, thinking back to their favourite games.

Sam and Joe had a few differences of opinions and we thought they should fight it out. See what you think of their choices…

Sj's Top 5

5. Street Fighter Plus A

Let’s get this out the way. With every fighting game comes a favourite character and for this one, I was team Chun Li. I must have spent weeks dreaming of ninja kicking like she could… or just looking that cool in a cut-out kimono.

There’s nothing better than beating the crap out of someone on a console. For a proper button basher like me, the fights were hard. Try as I may, I just couldn’t hit that killer combo streak but, by chance, I wasn’t far off. Even though the rounds for short, I must have invested years in this game and I’d still dust it off today if I could find my PS1 lead.

4. Frogger 3D

For some reason, the Playstation team were obsessed with adding an extra dimension to arcade classics. After the success of Pacman 3D came Frogger 3D and a whole load of fun for this little lady. Keeping with the jump of get killed mazes, it came with a story mode in which Frogger had to bounce around and save a bunch of rainbow coloured frog babies. There was also an awesome VS mode called capture the flag, with unique levels, that took up both mine and my brother’s life.

3. Destruction Derby 2

As a child… or even as an adult really, I’ve never been good at car games. I’d rather go hell for leather around a track and smash into anyone that dared to get into my way. That’s why Destruction Derby has to be up there on my list of best PS1 games. It didn’t require much skill, I could pretend I was driving and stuff exploded. The best bit had to be the Death Bowl Arena… it was carnage!

2. CTR

Crash has to be one of my childhood heroes. All of his games were awesome, but Crash Team Racing takes the prize as the best. My memories of this game consist of me SCHOOLING my little brothers (which was a rare occasion) on any race, with any character and any kart. The weaponry available was both hilarious and practical, like the clock that slowed down time for everyone but you, and the links to the platform games were subtle – it was just a great racing game for us to play.

I’m sorry, Mario, but you haven’t got anything on this.

1. Oddsworld: Abes Oddysee

So good it was remastered for PS4, Abes Oddysee was pretty much the scariest game I could play on the PS1 (I was NOT a hardy child). I’m going to hold my hands up and say I didn’t really understand it, but that chanting greenish creeper was hilarious to Childhood Sam. In hindsight, a game about a factory churning its workers into slurry for others to eat isn’t for kids but disguised as a 2D platform I really didn’t notice. Abe could run, jump and creep his way around the Rupture Farms meat factory, recruit NPCS with telepathy and die if he fell from too high a ledge – pretty much all I wanted.


J-Bomb's Top 5

5. WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role

People have a go at the 80s for being tacky, but the noughties was a time where any idea of taste, too, was thrown out the window. As such, WWF (as it was known then) reigned supreme due to the company shifting its target audience from family to teens. Smackdown 2 came smack bang in the middle of this new 'Attitude' era and was a dramatic improvement from the first outing.

It included match ups like iron man, table, ladder and the legendary Hell in a Cell, which everyone in the neighbourhood played to death. It may not be considered a classic, but it was certainly one of the funnest multiplayers you could have. There was nothing more satisfying than powerbombing your mate's wrestler off a cell.

4.Tekken 3

I loved that Tekken, a beat 'em up, attempted to have a storyline. It didn't make sense to me then, and reading it back, it doesn't make sense to me now. But that matters little, as it was the Tekken series' finest moment. Sure Tekken Tag Tournament meant that your crybaby friend who didn't like facing you could fight alongside you, but that isn't what fighting games are about.

The beauty of the game was that everyone had their favourite character and was fiercely defensive of them whilst berating others. For instance, I was criticised heavily for loving the Brazilian Capoeira master, Eddy Gordo, but every knows really he was a baller. Also, those people generally loved Paul Phoenix too much and didn't make out with someone till last year.



3.Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

I picked the second of the series because of its revolutionary inclusion of the manual. Now you could do something to boost points in between other moves, and also use it to glide over to ramps and such. The create a park feature was also great fun, and that, combined with its superb gameplay and game modes, made kids obsessive about it for a substantial amount of time. Like the WWF, It also tapped into the terrible music zeitgeist of the time and included a classic soundtrack filled with ska punk, punk pop, pop ska, nu metal and a little dash of relatively decent rap music.

2. Crash Bandicoot 2: The Wrath of Cortex

The Wrath of Cortex was the first game I ever played on the Playstation. I remember spending hours with my mate taking it turns by using the 'play till you fall down in a hole' method, which worked a treat. It'sa platformer tarted up in 3D and instead of being side scroller, you generally have to move forwards, avoiding TNT and trying to find those boxes with Aku Aku in. I didn't pick Warped, which many people preferred due to the fact you could fire mangoes out of a bazooka, but TWOC includes a level where you ride a plucky baby polar bear, and that memory has stayed with me. Sad really.



1. Metal Gear Solid

This is it. The big one. It is unequivocally the greatest game Playstation ever made, and perhaps the greatest game ever produced period. There have been many stealth-like games like it, but MGS was something else and the very first. It felt like a movie with its cinematic cut scenes, character development and engaging narrative. All of the bosses had air-tight backstories, and it was always fun working out their weaknesses when going head-to-head - although my friend ruined Pyscho Mantis by telling me about the whole 'swapping gamepad ports' method.

More importantly, I don't think I've ever been more more excited about fighting a baddy than the moment you encounter the pile of bodies left in Ninja's wake, leaving Snake to head into the bloodied unknown. It's a game so good that it's almost art. 

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