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Our suggestions for #WhoDidntKillLucy

By Sj.Cliff
Our suggestions for #WhoDidntKillLucy

EastEnders turns the big 3-0 this year and to celebrate the cast are again being forced into the world of live tv.

As if remembering who you mother is, isn’t hard enough in the east-end soap, characters have to remember their lines and deliver them in one take. When they tried it 5 years ago, the results were pretty damn amusing.

To be honest, even if you don’t like soaps, it’s funny to watch.

But, unlike its 25th anniversary celebration (you know, the one where Bradley fell off the pub roof and died), instead of one live episode the team have been adding little live segments into each of this week’s episodes, culminating in a live hour tonight!

The real talking point of tonight’s episode isn’t who’s going to forget their lines. It’s a classic “Whodunit?”

After 10 months of waiting, we are FINALLY going to find out who killed Lucy Beal, played by stick-woman Hetti Bywater. Admittedly, the storyline has kind of dragged as of late but the clues have been rapidly coming together this week.

After Tuesdays revelation, we know that Lucy was killed at home, narrowing down the list of suspects to a slightly nicer 18-ish. But while everyone is trying to fit one of them into the frame, we have our own suggestions:

Old Lucy!

Melissa Suffield had been playing the pouty tearaway that was Lucy Beal for 6 years before Hetti took up the role in 2012. Perhaps Old Lucy got jealous and bumped her off to return?

Maggie from The Simpsons

We already know she’s a dab hand with a gun, but what if Maggie turned her hand to bludgeoning?

Pat Butchers Earrings!

A quick Google of the lovely pat butcher reminds us how bloody massive her earrings were. What if Ian kept one to remember her by and it fell on Lucy’s head? That’s bound to cause serious damage.

Mr Papadopoulos

The mysterious owner of Albert Squares dry cleaners is a total anomaly – and maybe he killed Lucy to stay that way.

Janine Butcher

She’s always been a bitch and we know murder isn’t too out of character for good old Janine. Perhaps she saw something of herself in little-old-Lucy and got a case of the green-eyed monster?

Who are your candidates for #WhoDidntKillLucy? Join in the conversation on our socials:


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