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Our excitement for Jurassic World has got us all nostalgic…

By Sj.Cliff
Our excitement for Jurassic World has got us all nostalgic…

We’ve been teased with leaks and fan trailers for the fourth film of Jurassic Park series, so it’s kind of hard not to get excited now we have an official one!


I may have only been 1 when the first Jurassic Park film came out, but my love of both dinosaurs and theme parks meant that seeing it was inevitable. Well, that and it’s constant television presence around the Halloween-y, Christmas-y time of year.

It was the release of the Jurassic World trailer that made me think back to what made the first three movies so great. So, jump onto the back of the T-Rex of your childhood as we journey through the best bits of the original Jurassic Park!

When they first come on screen!

One of the best parts of the first Jurassic Park film has to be the first glimpse of scaly (we didn’t know they were feathery back then!) dinosaur flesh on our screen. After all, the dinosaurs are the stars of this film and pretty much the entire reason you’re watching.

The breakthrough of animatronics and CGI created images of dinosaurs that we’ve never seen before! A vast jump from this douchebag…

You may not know that most of the creatures we know and adore we’re only half builds (from the feet to torso or torso and head), it was only the T-Rex robot that was complete.

Bringing to life the creatures of many children’s dreams in a pretty scary fashion probably caused many a nightmare such an epic fashion, but for us older kids this magical moment was the stuff of dreams!

That scene!

When you think of Jurassic Park, do you think of brilliant (at the time) robotic dinosaurs? Oscar worthy acting performances?


I almost guarantee the first thought that runs through your mind will be the scene of that guy getting eaten on while he’s sitting on the john – serves you right for doubting Jurassic park Gennaro. It could just be the indignity of how poor Donald Gennaro dies, or the fact that that scene is funny as hell (especially seen as he deserved it) but that part of the film will be etched into my mind as vividly as the stains on that lawyer’s underwear.


Those brilliant one liners!

Despite the prospects of being eaten by prehistoric predators, the characters involved are actually comedic geniuses. Tense scenes are broken up with witty lines like:

Dr. Ellie Sattler: So, what are you thinking?
Dr. Alan Grant: We're out of a job.
Dr. Ian Malcolm: Don't you mean extinct?

Or traditional dinosaur based humour:

Tim: What do you call a blind dinosaur's dog?
Dr. Alan Grant: You got me.
Tim: A Do-you-think-he-saurus Rex.

That almost makes being eaten by a velocoraptor sound really fun, right?!

So watch out guys, Jurassic World will soon be upon us! Are you ready?

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