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Cool new stuff for 2013

By TheStudentGuide
Cool new stuff for 2013

The niftiest new toys on the market this year.

Forget all this New Year, new you stuff — what really matters is New Year, new toys! Here, for your perusing pleasure, is a list of our favourite new gadgets available to buy this year featuring the affordable, the extravagant, and the just plain silly.


Fancy yourself as a bit of a drinks connoisseur? This Swiss army knife style compact features the top 10 utensils a mixologist would need in one handy tool. Including a muddler, a jigger, a strainer and a stirrer (and you probably know better than us what those are!), keep this in your pocket and you’ll be making friends quickly indeed. Just remember not to take it to the airport with you, it looks kind of lethal...

Price: £29.99 | Buy

Cassette eye shadow compact

Available in a-side metallic silver and ice blue or b-side metallic gold and teal, this compact eye shadow make up case is more Breakfast Club than Molly Ringwald herself. Featuring a compact mirror, two refillable shades of metallic eye shadow, a brush and a secret sliding compartment for your cash and cards, the cassette looks retro and cool and you’re gonna love pulling this one out in the toilets. Punk to the max, it'll fit in your handbag easily and as soon as you're friends see this, you'll be building up quite the tape collection.

All about the mixtapes? Take a look at the Mixtape USB Stick here.

Price: £10.99 | Buy

Quick mini cupcake maker

Cupcakes are one of the cutest and tastiest treats around and making them with friends can be super fun indeed. This mini cupcake maker is a lovely gift for your friends or for yourself (and boys, Valentine's Day is just around the corner), and with a cooking time of just four minutes, it’s a time-saving gadget as well! Cook up a tasty batch of seven even cupcakes and wipe the non-stick plates clean  the ultimate accessory for girls on the move. Plus, it’s pink! What more could you want?

Don't forget to check out our Alternative Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Price: £25.99 | Buy


The night sky is one of the most beautiful sights to look at, but if you’re out under the stars at any time other than summer, it can get a little bit nippy!This mini planetarium which is about pint-size will project the milky way onto any backdrop, so you can lounge on your bed, in the bath, or anywhere else in the warm to get that romantic atmosphere without freezing your...fingertips off! Even better, the StarBath is fully waterproof meaning that it will withstand splashes like a trooper, so don't be afraid to take the plunge. But remember, it does require 4 x AAA batteries, so don't be caught short!

Get hold of your batteries here.

Price: £34.99 | Buy


Already super-desirable in America, the Skatecycle is the world’s first self-propelled hub-less skateboard. To use, simply slot your feet into the space where the hubs should be and carve down a hill (like a snowboarder) or weave along the flat ground. The clever setup lets you propel yourself along indefinitely, without ever taking your feet off the plates. The Skatecycle folds up so storing it is really easy, even in student digs, and though the price may be a little offputting, we reckon it's worth it to be in posession of this bit of kit. Just make sure you wear some form of protective clothing, it can be a little tricky to get the hang of...

More of a biker? Turn your wheels into disco balls!

Price: £149.99 | Buy

And if you’re feeling particularly flush...


Treehouses are one of those innocent memories from youth — tying together a few sticks to make a slightly less-than-attractive but really really fun den away from the adults. At £20,000, Blue Forest tree houses are more of an investment that a whimsical pleasure, but imagine the kudos associated with one of these! So spacious you could probably live in one, you could also rent out a couple of rooms on the side! UK-based, Blue Forest has already established a reputation as one of the world’s leading treehouse specialists, having designed and built everything from fantasy treehouses to fabulous treetop entertaining areas and holiday homes. These treehouses are over the top in the extreme, and if we're honest, you’re probably not going to be able to afford one, but they are totally cool. You do get free delivery though, so maybe that's something to consider...

Price: from £20,000 | Buy

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