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Magic Fish!

By TheStudentGuide
Magic Fish!

Grow Your Own Tropical Fish

When you put a teabag in to brew you expect to get tea... when you put the magic teabag into brew you get something quite unexpected! Real and beautiful tropical fish.

Magic Fish is an incredible new science kit that will amaze you. The process is simple. You take the little Magic Fish tea bag, place it in water and within 12-24 hours (sometimes just 1) you have your own live Magic Fish. They're educational and fun for the whole family. Perfect for home or in classroom teacher projects. The Magic Fish you hatch are commonly called killifish or Red-Golden Dragon fish. They are a type of rare and high-grade ornamental fish, which originates from several places around the world.

Magic fish is not only creative and innovate but also is easy to hatch and breed. You just need to put Magic Fish tea bag into the water and lovely baby fish will be hatched out that day. You can also keep the fish bag in sealed bag & repeat hatching process several times. Every Magic Fish teabag contains as many as 20 eggs!

Have you ever experienced an unimaginable moment when you see a small baby fish jumps out from its fish roe (fish eggs)? You will feel great gratification when you see these baby fish become gorgeous ornamental fish. You can even breed Magic Fish yourself! Growing these fish from eggs is a wonderful way to cultivate children's love for animals.

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