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Magic are Number 1 with Rude, so we interviewed them. Enjoy!

By Editor
Magic are Number 1 with Rude, so we interviewed them. Enjoy!

Magic are currently sitting pretty at No1 in the charts with Rude, so we thought, let’s have a little word with Nasri from the band!

Their album Don’t Kill The Magic is out now go buy it.

So obviously ‘Rude’ is your big hit at the moment, and it’s got a distinct Caribbean lilt to it.

We’re musicians, who grew up listening to everything, and I was living in LA for almost 7 or 8 years, writing for people and I stumbled on it like five years ago when I was just messing around with some Police-like elements to a song. I met Mark in the studio and he started to playing this like reggae thing – he just goofing around - and I was like ‘dude, we should start a band’ and that’s it.

It’s acquired over 60 million views the last time I checked. How does that feel?

Well it feels great. I mean people are loving our song, and that’s the whole point. We need to spread our music so we can play bigger and bigger shows.

You recently did a song for the official world cup album. Are you into soccer?

Oh yeah, I actually predicted Germany winning before the tournament even started.

Oh really? Where did you get that tip?

You know, I was like talking to a friend and I kind of just fluked it. He was talking about the strongest team, and he was saying Argentina and this and that, and I was like Germany is going to win.

We all thought it was going to be a South American team, but Germany just went for it, didn’t they?

Yeah, they had a solid team. I mean I played soccer – or football – my whole childhood. And I was in league and stuff, but once I got into music everything changed.

So did you follow the world cup because obviously Canada didn’t qualify?

It was so hard for us to follow teams. I mean we’ve been on flight after flight, flying everywhere so it was really difficult. So we’d just catch, like watch it online later. We were following, Alex and I – Alex is our drummer – we were following anything just like anyone else would.

Here is video for the title track from the album ’Don’t Kill the Magic’ here:




You can find an extended interview with Magic in the new Student Guide 2014 out in October.

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