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Leeds University students to have all their lectures recorded for future use

By Editor
Leeds University students to have all their lectures recorded for future use

Missed a crucial argument during a lecture because you were too busy daydreaming about whether or not you can create a meal with random contents of your near-empty fridge?

Or perhaps you didn't bring your pen to uni and you spent the hour attempted to inscribe some bullet points with your house keys.

Well, if you're a student of the University of Leeds, your luck's come through.

Starting this term, the institution will be implementing a new state-of-the-art lecture 'caption system', which will allow students access to lecture recordings (in audio and video format) and has been developed by Sonic Foundry, a Mediasite platform.

Director of Digital Learning at the University of Leeds, Professor Neil Morris believes that, "The new technology gives students the chance to learn and study at their own pace and will let them revisit course content at any point in the year."

With aims to produce up to 50,000 hours of teaching materials a year in around 250 spaces, the audio and video captures will be posted on the school's VLE, virtual learning environment.

Speaking on the £2 million pound+ project Animal Biology lecturer Dr Christopher Hassall said: “There is a lot of excitement about the new lecture capture system – the system is not just a simple and effective way of recording lectures, but opens up a whole new world of teaching techniques. 

“I have heard a number of staff talking enthusiastically about trying innovative approaches to teaching that simply would not have been possible without this big investment. 

For example, the traditional model of teaching would be to give a lecture during class and send the students away to read around the topic.

‘With the new system we can share pre-recorded lectures with students before class and use contact time for discussions and other activities that help to develop learning from the recorded lectures."  

However, one may argument that the new system will be encourage students to skip lectures and watch them at home.

Either way, the university believes the pros outweigh the cons. For instance Education Officer Tom dixon believes it will aid those whose first language isn't English, as it will 'help level the playing field.'

What do you think? Is this a great idea or would you be more inclined to watch your lectures in bed with your cornflakes? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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