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ITV2’s Dapper Laughs banned from performing at Cardiff University

By Editor
ITV2’s Dapper Laughs banned from performing at Cardiff University

The concept of 'lad culture' is something that appears to be plaguing university life more and more, especially for female students.

A recent incident at The University of Nottingham, whereby freshers were encouraged to chant sexist and necrophiliac rhymes, resulted in an investigation by the institution's union, and has highlighted the fact that there is still a problem with sexism in higher education societies.

So how do you solve a problem like this? Well, according to third year student and feminist blogger, Vicky Chandler, you attack it at the source.

In this instance, the route cause is Dapper Laughs, a from-nothing-to-something runaway success of the Vine generation.



After gaining attention via his 6 second videos, mainly dealing with sexist tips on approaching women or insulting people in the street, he managed to embark on a standup tour as well as being enlisted by ITV2 for a new show.

(The programme consists of Dapper, real time Daniel O’Reilly, teaching hapless men how to chat up girls. Of course, theproducers cobbled together an episode where a girl is taken under his wing, but Dapper spends most of the episode saying how much he'd like to have sex with her, rather than treat her like a person.)

Chandler, a member of Cardiff University, upon hearing that a Dapper Laughs event was happening on campus, created a Change.org petition to make sure he wouldn't set foot on the grounds. Sure enough, it amassed over 700 signatures, and this could be down to the strength of the journalism student's rhetoric:

“As a woman of Cardiff University, I cannot believe a man whose jokes centre around the trivialisation of rape, unprotected sex and dehumanising women, is allowed a soap box for his misogyny inside the walls of an academic establishment that claims to protect the rights of its students.

Even if you are not a woman, you too are supporting the rights of your female friends, your girlfriends, wives, mothers and future daughters. As Grace Dent rightly stated... you may be laughing now until you realise you've brought your daughter into a world with hundreds of Dapper Laughs."



Yesterday, Chandler announced that her movement had been victorious and Dapper Laughs would not be playing Cardiff University.

Congratulations, Vicky.

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