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Introducing: Xbox ONE

By Sj.Cliff
Introducing: Xbox ONE

Video game fanatics around the world watched in excitement yesterday as Microsoft unveiled their newest console: the Xbox One.

After squashing the name rumours of “Xbox Infinity”, “Xbox Fusion” and “Xbox 720”, the Xbox One was introduced to the gaming world at the Microsoft HQ in Washington yesterday.

Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s president of Interactive Entertainment addressed the audience of gaming journalists, expressing that the Xbox One was more than just a games console, but also “The ultimate all-in-one home entertainment system”.

Microsoft hopes that this so-called “Intelligent TV” will give them an edge over the rival console, Sony’s PlayStation 4, but also (they hope) over TV giants like Sky and Virgin Media.

Microsoft proudly showed off the new Xbox’s “Snap Mode”, which allows users to switch instantaneously between games, films, television and the web. They hope that this ability to run multiple programs alongside one another will remove the need for second screens.

Unlike Sony, who have so far kept the PlayStation 4 design a secret, the hardware of the new Xbox One console was released – with a new sleek design, including the compulsory Kinect that makes interactive usage a key feature of gameplay and control.

The PlayStation 4 was announced in February, and it’s launch was firmly game-focused. Unlike PlayStation, the Xbox One launch was focused more on the technical ability of the Xbox to provide the user with a more diverse and personal experience.

Despite this, Xbox claims to have more titles in development now that at any momebr un its 12-year history. As many as 15 exclusive games will be released in its first year – eight of them new franchises.

The big climax of the conference was the big reveal of footage from Call Of Duty: Ghosts, which has received excited but mixed feedback. Despite the lack of game releases, it’s assumed that Microsoft is holding some details back until the E3 conference in a few weeks’ time, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

What do you think so far? Who is winning the race for you, PlayStation of Xbox? Give us your opinions below!

Key features of the Xbox One:

  • New games including FIFA 14, NBA Live, UFC, Madden
  • Built in Kinect
  • 8GB RAM
  • Voice and facial recognition control
  • Full Blu-Ray support
  • Xbox Smartglass
  • New controller design
  • Snap Mode


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