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Interview: Fatboy Slim

By Ella Downing
Interview: Fatboy Slim

We were lucky enough to chat to dance music icon Fatboy Slim at this year’s Parklife festival! Here he discusses festival nostalgia, backwards dancing and Hawaiian shirts.



What can we expect from your set tonight, apart from the loud shirt?

Loud shirt and a cosy, acid house party atmosphere. A lot of my show revolves around the visuals and the atmosphere and sometimes it’s hard to create that if people are cold and it’s not dark enough which sometimes happens when you play the main stage this end of the festival season. So yeah nice, cosy acid house party is what I’m intending, including a Hawaiian shirt!

And what other festivals have you got lined up this summer?

I’ve already done Common People in Southampton, one in Dublin and Snowbombing. Then we’re at Glastonbury, Creamfields, T in the Park, SW4 and Pride in Brighton.


Your new album, the Fatboy Slim Collection, is out now. Why did you decide bring out this album?

It just seemed like the right time. I’ve done various mix and themed CDs but this is the first time I’ve just done Fatboy’s all-time bangers! It’s an ace card you have to play at the right time, if you play it too early you feel like you have more to add and if you play it too late it feels like you’re looking back at a career that’s ending but I think I’ve got it just right. It’s nice, it’s done great and even my wife who is my worst critic said that’s a really good collection of memories!

Fatboy Slim playing his set at Parklife 2015

Do you have a favourite festival to play?

Yes, Glastonbury. I’ve been lucky and tenacious enough to play it 15 consecutive years, even when I’m not on the bill officially I still manage to get a gig. It’s just got a completely different vibe to any other festival anywhere else in the world. I just love being there, I could quite happily, and have in the past, not seen any other bands and stayed there for four days. A lot of these festivals, you just come in play and go whereas at Glastonbury I just get embedded and involved for four days.

Do you have one stand-out, favourite festival memory?

Yes, a Glastonbury moment. I’ve had so many Glastonbury moments, some of them half-remembered!  But I think the most insane was doing a Sunday night tea time slot and by that time most people have lost whatever shred of sense or reason they have. I was playing with a horse’s head on and at one point I played a Chemical Brothers tune backwards to see if people would dance backwards and they did! That’s about as far removed from reality you can get and festivals in general, and dance music, in particular, is about escapism from reality, pure hedonism and lunacy. That’s about as far removed from my normal life I’ve ever felt!

Head shot of DJ Fatboy Slim grinning

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