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Infinity Ink get ready to play Warehouse London this NYE!

By Sj.Cliff
Infinity Ink get ready to play Warehouse London this NYE!

Infinity Ink consists of long-term friends Ali Love and Luca C, a pair who have very much emerged with their own unique sound in recent times. When not playing all over the world from BPM to Brazil to Belgium, the pair are cooking up emotive tech and house goodness on labels like Crosstown Rebels and Hot Creations. They are integral to those labels’ operation and have collaborated with The Chemical Brothers, Justice, Roisin Murphy, and Robert Owens.

Their first track ‘Games’ had a funk infused baseline that really announced this excited new pair, and follow up single ’Infinity' clocked up YouTube views in excess of the 10 million mark. The hot pair play for We Belong & Verge at Warehouse LDN on NYE with the likes of Miguel Campbell and many more, so we caught up with the pair to find out more.

Good Morning guys, how’s are you both?

Luca Cazal: Good, apart from the fact that we’re locked out of the house.

Really? What’s happened?

Luca: Yeah I left my phone and my laptop there and Lee Foss is there but sleeping and definitley not waking up! Jamie went for a meeting so is not picking up his phone and I’m in just in an Internet café in Chinatown. (laughing).

Well, I hope you get into the house at some point today anyway! So I take it you’re recording at the moment.  Are you working on Infinity Ink stuff at the moment or on Hot Natured? How’s it going?

Ali Love: We’re working on the new Hot Natured album and it’s going really well. We’ve had 4 days in this great studio in mid-town and it’s really cool. We’ve sketched quite a lot of the new album already so we are kind of just finishing things off.

Are you working with a lot of vocalists on the record as well or is it mostly with Annabel and Ali?

Luca: Yeah at the moment we are mostly using Ali and Annabel but we will use more vocalists in the future I think.

So, what have you been up to other than finishing off the album?

Ali: We have been busy touring around Europe, which has been fun.

Any highlights on the European schedule, and any standout gigs you’ve done so far?

Luca: I really liked a club called Nordstern in Basle Switzerland.

Yeah we’ve heard great reports about that venue, the lineups are fantastic.

Luca: Yeah that was good and also in the summer we have done quite a few gigs for DC-10 at Paradise and plus the after parties and stuff. Also some Hot Creations parties around Europe, which are always really fun with the rest of the crew. Those gigs always go well.

Ali: We are at the stage now where we always get a good crowd, and we get to play some pretty cool places. We did a really good one last week in Manchester at a really fun place called Gorilla.

Gorilla is a nice little club. What do you think of the Manchester crowd?

Luca: I love it, they’re so up for it. Huge sing alongs, a young crowd, and really great vibes.

So 2014 has been a huge year for electronic music. How has it been for you then? Obviously a lot has been going on this year.

Ali: Yeah a lot has been going on. Luca and I have both been focusing a lot on our solo projects whilst keeping Infinity Ink growing on the live side of things. We’ve also been finishing off our debut album which we’re really excited about. We’re also preparing a full live set for next year all done with analog equipment. We’re also drafting in an extra guest who is going to come on tour with us, which I can’t really talk about just yet…

Exclusive right there!

Luca: Haha. It’s a girl, she’s wicked! She’s collaborating with us. Also Ali has done his solo album, which is going really well. I’ve made loads of stuff with Brigante. We’ve launched our label, which is also going really well. There is loads of stuff going on!

It’s an exciting time for Luca Cazel and Ali Love then?

Ali: Yeah most definitely!

So looking back on 2014, would you have done anything differently?

Luca: Everything has been going really well and it’s been great to have the opportunity just to be able to do some other stuff as well as Infinity Ink. It’s injected new excitement and new life into our projects.

Great to hear! So looking back a few years, were you surprised of the success of “Infinity”. I mean just looking at the views on YouTube, it’s touching 15million. That’s some massive. Number 1 in Belgium and France right? That’s a smash hit right there.

Luca: Yeah it was a bit of a surprise because the track came out kind of as a joke. It was thought up when we both off our heads. It took like 2 hours to put together and it turned out to be our biggest hit!

Ali: The great thing about it is that people are still not sick of it. People still ask us for it and they still sing along to all the lyrics. In Manchester I turned the fader down and people sang like a quarter of the in time and then I put the fader back up and it was bang in time still It was hilarious.

Fantastic. Over the last few years, house music has kind of come full circle and there has been a huge resurgence.  It’s taken over the pop charts once again. There have been UK number 1’s from people who were originally ‘underground’ house producers. Has this new found popularity in the genre, changed how you make the music? Or has it changed how you view the scene at all?

Luca: No it definitely hasn’t changed the way I make music. I don’t sit there and try and make tracks that will go in the charts. If I’m perfectly honest, I think a lot of the house music that gets in the charts is rubbish but it does open doors for people and I do see a lot of positive things from it. I like the fact that kids get into electronic music, whether it is EDM or this kind of pop/house music. There is always going to be a good percentage of them that follow it up and go into the underground scene and like the stuff they hear though and want to develop that. Like most of us when we were growing up, we would listen to a lot of stuff that we wouldn’t listen to now, but from there you just dig a little bit deeper and find other things. So it’s definitely a positive thing.

Looking forward to New Years Eve! You’re playing at Warehouse LDN. How are you looking forward to your set then?

Luca: New Years Eve is always a good gig. People go out really up for it and it’s always a big one. I’m playing three gigs that night, obviously spread out over New Years Eve and New Years Day and always look forward to those gigs.

Warehouse LDN has got a custom built Funktion One Sound System. Tony Andrews who owns Funktion One, he installed this himself.

Luca: Oh wow!

It’s all down to his exact specification, there’s a huge sub in the DJ booth, there’s 360 monitors all around it, and it’s a really fantastic sound there. Can we expect any secret weapons or any unreleased Infinity Ink material?

Luca: Possibly, and maybe even some unreleased Hot Natured material. Also I’ve been playing quite a bit of vinyl recently so hopefully will have a set up for that because I definitely want to bring some out. I always try and put something new in that I’ve made in the last couple of weeks because I make so much music all the time so there is always new things to come into the set and stuff to test out.

Excellent. So London should get ready for a special set. Sounds like it’s going to be good.

Ali: Of course.  We can’t wait.

And we shall find the identity of your exclusive vocalist that you’ve been working with soon yeah?

Luca: (laughing) yeah, you shall. 


We Belong and Warehouse LDN join forces to present a New Years Eve Special with Miguel Campbell & Infinity Ink



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