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In the dog house: celebs behind bars

By Editor
In the dog house: celebs behind bars

It's the Tuesday after another bank holiday weekend, and you're probably wondering why you didn't spend the time revising rather than having a beer drinking competition with yourself.

Well, fortunately for you, everything isn't all peaches and cream for the rich and famous either. Johnny Depp is looking at a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison for sneaking his dogs into Australia.

We can picture the grim scenes now:

"What're you in for, cobber? I'm doing 8 for assault and battery"

"That's nothing. I tried to sneak my Yorkshire terriers through customs"

With this eventuality only a mere possibility, however, we've decided to relive past times where celebrities got sent to the slammer to get us through this day.

Robert Downey Jr.

You could say RDJ had a 'lively' 90s. Whilst most of us were learning the names of the Spice Girls, he was racking up a string of drug offences. Luckily, he managed to get his head in check and you can find him playing the charismatic Tony Stark in Iron Man films or walking out of Krishnan Guru-Murthy interviews.


Paris Hilton

After a couple more driving offences under her belt, the socialite went down in 2007 after driving without a license at 70-mph in a 35-mph area without her headlights on. Sadly, she was allowed to complete this sentence on house arrest, which must have been hell. Still, at least she got back to her calling: mixing the shit out of chart tracks.


Paul McCartney

Kanye recently cosigned this newcomer to the music scene but did you know he was in one or two fairly successful bands before he was discovered by Yeezus? Moreover, in 1980 he was arrested in Japan for cannabis possession. The singer did ten days in behind bars.


Matthew McConaughey

He may be having a high point right now, but in 1999 another high point included resisting arrest at his home for disturbing the peace. He was naked, smoking weed and playing the bongos.


Jamie Waylett

If being in Slytherin wasn't dastardly enough, the guy who played Crabbe in the Harry Potter films was put away for two years for his part in the London Riots. The video above shows his bad-boy side. Skip to about 1.19 for a killer verse from the Hogwarts alumni. 

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