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I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse – Not as terrible as I thought!

By Sj.Cliff
I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse – Not as terrible as I thought!

We’ve all dreamt about it. We all have a plan ready. And if you don’t, I’m sure as hell not coming back for you.

But how would you fair if a zombie apocalypse actually happened?

As if to satisfy the wet dreams of nerd everywhere, BBC Three has taken on the zombie apocalypse genre and turned it into a survival game show. What could possibly go wrong?

When I first heard about I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse, I wasn’t really sure what to think. I mean, of course, the idea of a zombie based survival game kicks ass – but how that idea could be translated into an actual program sort of filled me with dread. My imagination was filled with half-arsed, ripped-shirt combos covering the 5 staff that the BBC had paid to fill the roll.

To my pleasant surprise, the shows trailer quickly quashed my nerves. Not only did this look like it’s had a fair bit of money spent on it, but it actually looked… good.

So I decided to take the plunge.

Airing at 10pm on a Sunday (one of the rare times the BBC uses hard-core swear words), I knew I was settling in for something fairly creepy.

The idea is simple: we’re 6 months into a zombie apocalypse and these loveable losers are the only ones left. Trapped within the confines of a “mall” (like we have these in the UK), the group is sent out in relays to grab food, warmth and whatever else they feel that they need. But it’s never that easy.
The substantial cast of zombies are everywhere and, in all fairness to the Beeb’s makeup artist, looking fucking scary. In this particular challenge, two of the lads had to leave their safe little nest and new friends in search of sleeping materials. In order to reach their goods, the hapless chaps had to enter a shop strewn with body bags of the infected – think that’s when you realised someone’s going to jump out at you, you aren’t just popping out for some milk). There was a fair amount of rootling through a bag of guts to find a key and BOOM! Sleeping materials.

This is when shit got real. No sooner had the survivors gathered their prize, the zombies were awake. Queue: swearing, sprinting and a whole lot of tension. As soon as the lads realised what was going on they were running back to base… only to be joined by a metric butt-tonne of other zombies!

Seriously impressed with the attention to detail BBC Three, well done.

Now you ask, Sam, after that kick ass adventure why have you called humanity’s last survivors losers? Now this is why you need to see it for yourself.

ISZA runs on a sort of dystopian Big Brother format – but seen as the winner is whoever doesn’t get eaten and not who’s the most publicly popular, it doesn’t have to be live. The delightfully mismatched characters are bound to provide some inevitable friction after their nicey-nicey, introduction bollocks.  When crammed into a small-ish space and given a minimal supply of Spam for sustenance, nobody is a nice person. And, nobody likes Spam for some reason – what’s up with that?! Hope they like corned beef. Or starvation.

My "quote of the episode" has to be from Leed’s very own Amena. Despite being faced with certain death at every turn, she was more concerned with the quality of her emergency bed:

*insert thick northern accent here* “I don’t think I can sleep on this. It’s, like, prickly.”

With all this happening in just one episode, I have really high hopes for what the rest of the series has to offer… did see someone getting eaten this week. #Winning!

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