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Has Hypnodog broken the Britains Got Talent trance?

By Sj.Cliff
Has Hypnodog broken the Britains Got Talent trance?

Simon Cowell’s ITV programming has been slipping down a terribly steep slope for the past few years.

Recently we’ve had the joys of judges leaving left right and centre, producers choosing who to put through on this years X Factor and, saving the best for last, a hypnotist dog on Britains Got Talent…

What has Saturday night television come to?

For those of you who missed out on this Saturdays action, Krystyna Lennon bought her little rat-dog on stage and tried (unconvincingly) to trick us into thinking it was a hypnotised. Backed up by the “super convincing” random audience members fainting, it looked legit, right?


Bonus points to the second woman who REALLY plays her part.

It’d seem that the quality of ‘talent’ appearing on our television screens has been slowly diminishing. If a pretend hypnodog is what it takes to get a step closer to a Royal Variety performance and a huge cash prize; then I can totally pretend my cat does magic.

Magic cat

Ever since Gin took to the stage with her human Kate and melted the Ice Cowell’s heart, people have been bringing their pets in droves.

But can you really call this stuff talent?

Do animal acts do it for you or do you think that ACTUAL TALENT should prevail? Let us know on our socials!


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