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Google Glass: 6 ways it could reinvent student life

By Amelia Pearson
Google Glass: 6 ways it could reinvent student life

Everyone knows that Google have plans for world domination. From the makers of the earth shattering Google+ and the other one that we can’t remember in the office, Google bring you - wait for it - Google Glass!

Google are in the stages of delivering their futuristic “wearable computing” devices to those who signed up to test the product before general release later this year.

The early adopters of Google Glass will be the first people outside of the company to try out and test the products features. Google Glass is hands free, Wi-Fi connected, interactive eyewear that displays a screen in the upper right hand corner of the right lens.

The applications are all voice controlled, giving the user a faux-telepathy device that is supposedly second-nature. Glass has a forward facing camera that allows you to take pictures and record video’s without having to (god forbid) detach yourself from the moment.

The glasses, which make you look a little like a walking cyborg, are said to be a cure for “human distraction”, and Google claims that Glass allows users to spend more time engaging with people and things around them, rather than looking down at a phone.

You can see what Glass “feels like” by watching this mind-blowing video below.

The Student Guide offices are divided in opinion over Google’s newest venture. Some of us can’t wait to dip our toes into the future of an augmented reality, even if it comes with a hefty £980 price tag. Others are questioning how necessary it is to have the time, weather and twitter feeds permanently burned into our eyeballs.

But regardless of opinions, the potential of awesome uses is undoubtedly there, and we came up with some of the coolest ways that Google Glass could enhance your student life for the better.


1. Black-out binges

We’ve all been there. Waking up the morning after a heavy night out and desperately struggling to piece together the memories. Why are you asleep in the bath? Did you really confess your love to that girl? Where exactly are your shoes? With Glass, your nights antics would be there for the viewing the morning after. This sounds like a living nightmare, especially when your friends come over to show you exactly what you looked like hunched over the toilet last night.




2. Boring lectures

There is literally nothing worse than having to look alert in a lecture when you feel like death warmed up. When you’re faced with the world’s dullest power point presentation, you might be tempted to browse your phone sneakily under the desk. Imagine being able to watch YouTube video’s, browse twitter, or look through last night’s photo’s without having to look away from your lecturers unnervingly enthusiastic face and make it obvious that you’re bored. It’s a win/win situation for all involved, just don’t get caught laughing at funny cat video’s.




3. Face recognition

We are not sure if Google will develop this, but the technology is there for face recognition. If this was implemented into an application for Glass, you’d never forget anyone’s name ever again. What we’d love to see, is the technology for Glass to scan the vicinity for certain people. Imagine being able to scan the room for an ex, saving you from any awkward and cringe-worthy conversations. Or even better, check who is within earshot before you start whining to your friend about someone who really grinds your gears.




4. The walk of shame

Oh dear. There’s nothing worse, especially when you have no idea where you are and you need to ask your new “friend” how to get home. Save this awkwardness and bolt straight out the door, knowing your trusty Glass will guide you home safely. In an ideal world, Google would have a “Beer goggles” app on Glass, which stops you getting into situations like this. But unfortunately, no piece of technology will ever counteract the poor judgement of students when fuelled with alcohol. Sorry.




5. Constant information

How many times have you said “Hang on, let me Google it”. Be it for cinema times, directions to the next bar, or a disagreement with your friends over some obscure fact, we do it all the time. With Glass, you don’t even have to pull your phone out of your pocket. But what’s even better, is that you can use it discretely and to your advantage. Need some pick-up lines ready? Need the rules of Ring Of Fire on hand? Want to stalk that guy or girl in your Monday morning lecture on Facebook? No worries, Glass has you sorted.




6. Google Hangouts

Who needs friends in person? Why not hang out via your ultra-ridiculous Wi-Fi connected eyewear? You won’t even need to get out of bed, you can just stay in your PJ’s and talk to your friends down the hallway via Google Glass. Laziness at its most futuristic! On a more useful level, this could actually be amazing for those pesky group projects. Conference call everyone and brainstorm from the comfort of your own rooms. Also, use it to call your parents to ell them you're alive, or webcam with your cat back home when you're feeling homesick.




So there we have it, another product/gimmick from the genius's at Google. Will it work? Let’s wait and see...

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