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Girl ditches lectures to celebrate the day of Beyonce’s birth.

By Editor
Girl ditches lectures to celebrate the day of Beyonce’s birth.

What would you take the day off university for? Your best friend’s wedding? Your cousin’s bar mitzvah? Or a genuine illness?

Well, one graphic design student in America decided that her favourite pop star’s birthday was reason enough to not come into university for.

That’s right, Ja-Niece Best created her own personal holiday to commemorate the birth of Beyoncé Knowles, and even emailed her lecturer this message:



Unsurprisingly, in doing so, she has attained over 1800 retweets and over 1200 have favourited it.

Some commentators, however, have not been best pleased with her academic decisions. One person tweeted:



But as anyone who knows Queen B’s fans will tell you, they’re full of sass. So fortunately, Ja-Niece has been able to fend off those trying to besmirch her, responding with classic tweets like: 



Buzzfeed has reported that Ms. Best is a “straight A student” and that her lecturer is yet to respond to her email.

Lastly, for no relevant reason, here’s a video of Ja-Niece performing a rousing rendition of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me.


So what do you think? Should Beyonce’s birthday be a national holiday? Does she have a point? Let us know on Twitter or our Facebook page. 

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