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Geordie Shore - cast Q&A

By TheStudentGuide
Geordie Shore - cast Q&A

Most embarrassing holiday moment?

Gaz: It has to be skinny-dipping in Malia and then me mates nicking me clothes. I had to run back to my hotel naked.

Vicky: You know those balcony doors you get on holiday? They are always made of glass. Well Me, my sister, and a couple of lads we were knocking around with were on the balcony drinking and I  ran through completely mortal, and I didn’t realize the doors were closed! I walked smack into it!  It was like a cartoon, and there was a Vicky-shaped mark on the door! Horrendous.

James: Jumping into the pool and realizing I can’t swim!  Really, I can’t swim – my mates trying to teach me in the pool is pretty embarrassing.

Sophie: It was when I went back with a boy in Magaluf and I had those big pants on, Spanx.  I took them off in the toilet before I went to the hotel with him, then later on he went in my bag looking for some chewing gum and was like ‘what the hell are these?’ and pulled out my Spanx!  That was embarrassing.

Jay: When I was sitting on one of those plastic white pool chairs and it split and I fell on floor.

Favourite holiday location ?

Jay: I went all over the world when I was a kid but my favourite place has to be when I went to Australia – that was amazing. My brother has just moved to Dubai so I bet when I go there it will be my new fave place.

Any holiday romances?

Gaz: I’ve had loads of holiday romances!  I’m bad, there was a girl in 2008 in magaluf, and one in 2009 in Malia who I saw for a year afterwards.  My tip for a holiday romance would be meet them at the pool, then go for a nice romantic meal - it’s the perfect setting isn’t it.

Sophie:  Yeah, I have a lot of holiday romances! I fall in love so easily on holiday.  There was this one holiday romance and I used to go to the bar he worked in every single night because I loved him.  At the time you always really think you love each other, then you go home and you never speak to them again!  I think it’s the heat, like dogs on heat, when you just for anything in sight.  It’s a release of endorphins and Vitamin C.

Greg: Yeah, I always have a holiday romance.  You meet a girl on a night out, have a good crack with her, the heat’s on ya and you take her for a couple of meals – and then it’s the end of the holiday. You say I’ll email you or I’ll text you…and you never do.  Apart from Gary who falls in love!

Charlotte: I have never had a holiday romance, I am rubbish at relationships I always get dumped!

Top tips for looking hot on the beach?

Jay: Hit the gym to get the beach body then you have to be waxed and have a decent tan, nice pair of shorts don’t go a miss either!

Holly: It’s hard to look hot on the beach but nice body, tanned, sexy wavy hair and a flattering bikini – and  confidence is key.

Vicky: I don’t look hot on the beach – it’s all about looking good in the evening. On the beach I have my hair  scrapped back, flip flops, no makeup and a bikini that will give me a maximum tan.

James: Make sure you hit the gym hard before you go, and wear the littlest short on the beach – but not Speedos.  Definitely not Speedos.

Sophie: Always lie down if you’ve got a couple of rolls, never stand up. Take olive oil instead of sun cream. Rub it all over you and just let yourself cook!

Fave lolly / ice-cream?

Sophie: A Zap, it might be a Northern thing.  And Fabs –  it’s an ice-lolly with hundreds and thousands on top,  I don’t like the lolly sticks though, it’s horrible, just the thought of it is making me feel weird!

Gaz:  White Magnum.

Greg:  Me too, a white choc Magnum.  They’re mint.

James:  Solero.

Dream holiday companion ?

James:  Hmm, I’m not sure – can I say The Geordie Shore lads?!

Greg: I wouldn’t mind having Kim Kardashian!

Holly: Katie Price! I reckon we would cause havoc..

Vicky:  Kate Moss and Sarah Harding – they look like they could party hard.

Sophie: Charlotte Letitia Crosby.  I hope she said me!  Did she?  No?!  You wait till I speak to her!

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