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#FirstWorldProblems Taylor Swift should fix next

By Sj.Cliff
#FirstWorldProblems Taylor Swift should fix next

So, Taylor Swift wrote an open letter to Apple demanding that they paid all artists involved in the 3 month free trial of their new streaming service. Fab for a huge number of indie bands, but a little bit rich coming from a woman worth $200 million – right?

But that got us thinking. If Taylor can make Apple change its mind so quickly, what else can she get Swifty with?


To Netflix, Love Taylor

Taylor Swift has a three-part Netflix documentary (at least on the American version of the streaming site), so this should be an issue close to her heart. Despite not putting ads on their service, Netflix is making us watch a lot of trailers for their original content.

We already know OITNB is great! Just stop!


To Summer, Love Taylor

Living the life of a superstar means Taylor probably doesn’t have to wait around in the rain for two long… a problem many of us Brits face. Why doesn’t she use her influence to bring us some sunshine this summer?


To Wi-Fi, Love Taylor


If you can see a signal, you should be able to use that signal to get wifi! It’s not fair to get our hopes up like that! We don’t exactly know who is going to take action on this strongly worded letter, but maybe the gods of the Internet will smile upon us after having a look.


To Grey, Love Taylor



We’ve already suffered three 50 Shades of Grey books, only to be let down by the release of Grey this summer. Surely Taylor doesn’t want her mom to spend her time reading this (badly written) filth!


To Hangover, Love Taylor

Miss Swift plays a lot of festivals which leads us to believe she likes to party. So why not take action against one of the worst post-festival/party stage – the hangover! With just one strongly worded letter to our bodies, headaches, sicky feelings and the cider sweats would be a thing of the past.


We’ll give you two weeks! You can do it Tay’!


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