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Eurovision flashback

By TheStudentGuide
Eurovision flashback

Russia, 2012, 2nd place

If no one would ever know, would you?

Buranovskiye Babushki, Party For Everybody




UK, 2012, didn't qualify

Click me with your mouse

Valentina Monetta - The Social Network song




Ireland, 2011, 8th place


Jedward, lipstick



Ireland, 2008, didn’t qualify

Is it her out of Gavin and Stacey?

Dustin the turkey, Irelande Douze Pointe




Ukraine, 2007, 2nd place

Madam Professor Minerva McGonagall

Verka Serduchka, Dancing Lasha Tumbai



UK, 2007, 22nd place

Not in our name fellas

Scooch, Flying The Flag (For You)



UK, 2006, 19th place

Operation Yewtree Klaxon?

Daz Sampson, Teenage Life




Finland, 2006, 1st place

One Direction on smack

Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah




UK, 2003, last place

nul points, they're dead now.

Jemini - Cry Baby




Latvia, 2002, 1st place

2:20 Another pulling off

Marija Naumova, I wanna




Netherlands, 2000, 13th place

Innovative use of a circus tent

Linda, No Goodbyes




UK, 1998, 2nd place

Not the most technical choreography

Imaani, Where are you?




Israel, 1998,1st place

Jessie J’s mum/dad

Dana International, Diva



Germany, 1998, 7th place

The thing is, in Germany this would still be popular

Guildo Horn - Guildo hat euch lieb




UK, 1997, 1st place

In your face Europe. In your fucking face.

Katrina & The Waves, Love Shine A Light




UK, 1996, 8th place

That dress that got our editor through many a teenage night

Gina G - Ooh... Aah... Just a little bit




UK, 1995, 10th place

Brapppp, Brappp, street init

Love City Groove - Love city groove



Russia, 1994, 9th place

Little bit worried where it was going at 2:05

Youddiph, Vyechniy stranik



Netherlands, 1993, 6th place

Camel toes and Lionel Richie on the keyboard guitar thingy.

Ruth Jacott, Vrede




Yugoslavia, 1991, 1st place

2:10 wow, but a year after this the country ceased to exist

Baby Doll, Brazil




Switzerland, 1988, 1st place

She’s Canadian, singing in French for Switzerland in Ireland...

Celine Dion, Ne partez pas sans moi




Israel, 1987, 8th place

Hoopy the fuck right off

Lazy Bums, Shir habatlanim






UK, 1984, 7th place

Vice readers on a night out in Hoxton

Belle & The Devotions, Love Games



Ireland, 1984, 2nd place

Singing the whole song about Terminal 3

Linda Martin, Terminal 3



UK, 1981, 1st place

Everyone remembers the iconic pulling off 

Bucks Fizz, Making Your Mind Up




Belgium, 1980, 19th place

The creative dance move at 00.58, enough. 

Telex, Euro-vision





Germany, 1979, 4th place

The thing is, in Germany this would still be popular

Dschinghis Khan, Dschinghis Khan




Austria, 1977, 17th place

Think they all did? Yeah we do too

Schmeeterlinge, Boom Boom Boomerang




Sweden, 1974, 1st place

"You're terrible Muriel"

ABBA, Waterloo



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