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Bored in Brum? Try your hand at Karate

By Editor
Bored in Brum? Try your hand at Karate

Calling all Brummy students!

If the freshers’ lifestyle is beginning to take its toll, head to your nearest Birmingham School of Karate and Kick Boxing, located in the Central Birmingham area.

Martial Arts Schools can be found Newtown, Hockley, Digbeth, Erdington, Harborne, Sutton Coldfield, Kingstanding and Washwood Heath. We practice Shotokan Karate, Kickboxing and Fitness.

What’s on offer?

We get the insider-info from Kyoshi John Richards, the Chairman and Chief Instructor of Zen-Shin Martial Arts Academy.

We Have Classes for Children only, Ladies only, and Mixed Adult in Karate and Kick Boxing.

We are affiliated to Zen-Shin Karate Association and are members of the English Karate Federtion . All our Instructors are fully qualified, insured and CRB checked.

The Zen-Shin Martial Art Academy focuses on quality of training and personal development and as a result we have many National and International Champions in our ranks.

We provide the very best Martial Arts training in a safe and supportive environment taking  an equal opportunities approach.

What Is Kickboxing?

Children doing kickboxingThe kickboxing that I have developed stems from my experience of  fighting in Karate competitions in England in the 1970’s, the style is called Zen Shin Contact Karate, as I feel that this name reflects its origins perfectly.

In the early 1970’s Karate competitions were highly competitive and the contact involved was high and therefore there were many injuries. Zen Shin Contact Karate maintains the high competitive spirit however we incorporate the use of protective clothing to avoid injury. We also maintain a large proportion of the Art of Karate which also involves respecting your fellow student, showing modesty while maintaining self confidence and self awareness.

What is Karate?

Karate is the use of Kicks, punches and blocks. The style that we practice is Shotokan. This is the most popular form of Karate in the world which originates from Japan. The practice of karate is divided into three elements: kihon (basics), kata (forms) and kumite (sparring). However these three elements should not be considered separate, as they constantly overlap and rely on each other.

The Basics for any Martial Arts class

Before you decide to jump in and sign up for a class, you should keep a few basic guidelines in mind:

Know your current fitness level. Kickboxing/ karate is high-intensity training. Beginners should work at their own pace and not over exert themselves to the point of exhaustion. Fitness will soon improve as you train regularly twice a week.

Check it out before you sign up. Before you commit yourself to a particular Martial Art, first try out a couple of classes. You need to get a feel for the dojo, the other students and most importantly your instructor. The class should incorporate a mixture of people and abilities which the skilful instructor will be able to manage with ease. You should finish the class tired but energised.

Martial artsFind a class act. Look for an instructor who has both a high-level belt in martial arts and a track record of students who have accomplished their goals. Observe the respect that the students give to their instructor , and the instructor gives to the students, this is a great sign of a disciplined dojo which will get positive results for its students. Anyone can practice Kickboxing, and Karate we may all have different starting points but all students can achieve with a certain amount of dedication and commitment (this only needs to be 2 lessons a week)

Comfort is key. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows your arms and legs to move easily in all directions. We do not wear anything on their feet when we train.

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