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8 reasons why the film is probably better than the book

By Sj.Cliff
8 reasons why the film is probably better than the book

Books better than films…. Nooo wayyy!

Hold on there Sam, now we all love a good page turner but even you can’t deny the legendry of the moving image.

It’s the digital age now, and we kids of the new generation like everything instant. Film is a great story teller, a brilliant way of escaping life’s problems and a great way to locate some of the best talent around! Let me talk you through this;

Film boosts the Economy



Okay, reading may increase your brain activity but what do you think people will be doing with these increased brain cells? Making money! According to the Oxford Economic Report , the UK film industry has contributed £4.6bn to the British Economy and that’s only the money. The jobs sustained by the film industry support the economy in a big way my friend. Go to London and you’ll find over 50,000 people in the industry alone.


Characters push cultural boundaries



Film is a great way to communicate what’s going on in the world. Women’s rights, gay rights, they’ve all been helped by film in one way or another. You’re right, not everyone reads but I can guarantee that nearly everyone has watched a film that challenges their beliefs.  Films like Thelma and Louise, A Single Man and Southern Comfort, celebrate the lives of those around us.


Films give you a beautiful reality

I agree, books are for the imagination, but films can turn the imagination into reality. The most beautiful places and locations in the world can be seen in some of the most imagery up on that big screen and suddenly you are transported. Not to mention you can find out where they filmed and take a trip there yourself! The world is our oyster my friend.


Books can be just as expensive as films!

Students will agree books are pretty expensive. Textbooks assigned to your course can cost upwards from £20 a book! I know I’ve paid more just to read one chapter and discard it the next day. Films don’t have to be expensive, film festivals and arts festivals for example show free films often. Pubs also! There’s plenty around that have film nights, Google it and trust me its brilliant!


You can go back to your favourite moments!

We live in the digital age; a dvd/blu ray lasts a long time. Who cares if your friends complain, you can simply click the rewind button and watch your favourite moments over and over for as long as you want. In fact, why waste a brilliant drinking game opportunity, rewind and watch it again, this time with alcohol at the ready!


Special Effects

It’s all well and good saying they suck if you have to sit through a Michael Bay film but you cannot deny the power of great special effects! You only have to look as far as Gravity, The Avengers, The Raid and Die Hard! Besides some of the sucky special effects can make a film really funny, look at cult films like Troll 2 and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Same goes for acting!

Same goes for acting, if you’re seeking out a wooden annoying actress like Kristen Stewart no wonder you think books are better. However, any quality film with quality actors in will show you the brilliance a good actress/actor can achieve. 12 years a slave, Dallas Buyers club, Wolf of Wall Street. That’s just to name a few that can bring you to a quivering emotional wreck!


Finally if you get bored/worried/stressed a film can help you out!


Being a student is full of emotional downward spirals, you didn’t get the grade you wanted, you missed your deadline, you’re lecturer is bent on making your life a living hell. Film is a way through all that, it’s the universal equaliser. For that running time, you can exist in a world that’s not your own and that can be pretty good!

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