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New-in gadgets

By TheStudentGuide
New-in gadgets

With so many new and exciting gadgets being produced all the time, keeping savvy is hard. We pick the coolest new stuff which we can’t (ok, really can but definitely don’t want to) live without.

Backwards clocks

You know that feeling when time is moving so slowly that it actually feels as if it's going backwards? Well you will with this little number. From the face to the hands, everything about this time keeping device is reversed...which is exactly what your friends might do the morning after the night before because this clock messes with your mind. However at £14.99 and coming in a selection of colours, it really is pretty neat. Get it on geniegadgets.com.

Monkey nail dryer

Painting your nails is super fun and pretty. Smudging your nails and having to wipe dry and do them again is not. This little chappy is our dream fella. Press down on his banana (oo er) and feel him exhale on and dry your nails so that you can get on with your all important to do list. Face mask. At £6.95, this is a gadget must for gals. Get it on red5.co.uk.

Gamer soaps

The common cliche is that gamers don't wash. Well maybe that's because soap has always been a little bit boring. Coming in 5 different models (SNES, Playstation 3, XBOX 360, SEGA Megadrive and NES), there is something fragrant from the most modern to the retro. At £9.99 - £12.99 they are a tad more expensive than your regular soap, but come on, look at the novelty factor! Just don't get them muddled up with the real thing... Get them on Firebox.

London underground tube tent

This tube tent is the best thing we've seen since the campervan equivalent. It looks amazing, can sleep 16 (or stand 72+) and allows for the ultimate in festival bonding. The only downside is that it costs £1999.99. Oops. Even so, it's totally cool and we're fine just admiring from afar, because YOU KNOW that if you ebayed all your stuff to buy it, it'd probably only end up with beans down the outside. Get it on Firebox.

MusucBag lite

Life in a duvet is pretty sweet, and life in a sleeping bag is cushdy. But life in one of these is revolutionary. Allowing for full movement whilst keeping you soo toasty, the MusucBag lite is the only way to be around the house this AW. And outside... and the shops...and everywhere else probably. At £79.99 it is without a doubt one for the crimbo list. Father Christmas loves you. Get it on Firebox.

Instagram coasters

Ever wanted to rest your pint on your friend's face? Thought so. This set of personalised Instagram coasters means that you can get any photo printed onto the coaster in that oh so stylish sepia tint and have the results under your brew within the week. Grab these in sets of 4 ( £14.99), 6 ( £21.99) or 8 ( £29.99). Get them on Firebox.

Like and dislike stamps

Cyberspace likes to Like. And in our minds, we also love to Dislike. Decorate your girl/boyfriend's face, your fridge food and pictures of your friend's mum with these beautiful real life equivalents. At £5.99, they're the perfect way to make your opinions know. Get them on Firebox.

The Sergeant Pepper mill

The Sergeant Pepper mill is genius - why hasn't anyone come up with it before? Hand painted in classic red and suited to boot, at just £7.50, this is table decoration of a different kind. Just need to think of a clever salt accompaniment now...not so easy. Get it on Firebox.

Giant baby jelly moulds

The giant baby jelly mould really does take us back to our childhood. These moulds are everything that was fun about parties and playdates and fun. And there's no reason that should stop just because we grew a few inches! At £4.49 for one of these little fellas, we're more than happy to flash the cash! Get them on Firebox.

Crocodile bath plug

Bath time is fun fun fun - rubber ducks, shower caps and all kinds of foam - there is a plethora of acessories to choose from. Because yes, we're still secretly 5 inside. This Crocodile bath plug is brilliant because we can pretend to be in the Amazon, and at just £20 from Urban Outfitters we're perfectly happy to let cool slide for a little while in private.

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