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Bass Buds: Review

By Sj.Cliff
Bass Buds: Review

Sported by the likes of Sam Smith, Rita Ora and Wretch 32 to name a few, I already felt pretty cool about reviewing Bass Buds. But what are they like for the everyday superstar? (Don’t laugh too hard.)

On first appearances, the box in which they come is almost reminiscent of jewellery – not too bad. Included is the earphones with 3 different sizes of buds, a drawstring travel bag and a sealed ziplock containing memory foam ear buds and spares. Looking good already.

In order to review the Bass Buds properly, I thought I’d review them in the three main places you’re going to need headphones to deliver on both sound and style.

On the way to work...

Anyone that knows me, knows I despise the mornings. On my way into work, I like to pretend that my fellow commuters don’t exist and there isn’t really someone sitting on my leg. The main thing that gets to me is when I’m trying to listen to music and someone on the bus is having a really loud conversation about business.

The in-ear design of the Bass Buds blocks outside noise really well. Using the standard buds, I can achieve reasonable soundproofing from the thrilling conversations going on outside. It may just be the size of my ears (they’ve never fit a bud size exactly) but it did take a while to find the perfect angle. Only a minor setback, after 5 minutes of fiddling the Bass Buds were nestled nicely into my ear canal and I could resume pretending I wasn’t traveling…

Storage was hassle free as well. Included in the box is a neat little travel case to prevent rogue bag dust from getting into the buds and keep everything together. I reached back into the bag the next day expecting a maze of tangled wires to find that the tangle free cord had done its job! No messing about adding to my morning-time grumpiness.

At the gym...

Inside the box is a sealed silver envelope that contains not one but two additional sets of buds – an uncommon but incredibly helpful thing to have.

I chose to try out the memory foam buds, that come sealed with the Bass Buds, for gym use. Soft and malleable, these tops are an awesome idea as they can accommodate all the movement that happens at the gym.

The fact that these buds fit so snugly is a total godsend. Not only can I work out to a thumping bass (amazing for motivation) but I can’t really hear the dudes lifting weights – no strange sex noises for me!

It may be a little vain to me to write this, but a lot of the workout headphones that I’ve been using in the past have been dull as hell. These headphones give my workout gear a real pop of colour... perfect for stealing the heart of the guy that teaches Spin. In my dreams. #sad

On a long train journey...

Today I’m on the train to see some uni mates – so obviously I want to look like a styling and functional member of society.

I’m not one for neutral colours or subtlety (as the blue hair sort of gives away) and the awesome mix of colours that the Bass Buds fashion collection delivers the total opposite! I’m currently rocking the Harmony pair (£44.95), which mixes my favourite minty green (bud), red aluminium and Swarovski elements crystal earphones and a fuchsia cable. The contrast/clash effect on these headphones is unlike any that I’ve seen and really accompanies the eclectic style I’ve got going on.

In-ear headphones can tend to get uncomfortable when used for long periods of time – not great for my two-hour train journey! That being said, I switched to the smaller ear buds (not totally cancelling out the train announcer but still keeping outside volume to a minimum) and was surprised at how comfortable they were. I managed to catch up with my favourite TV show without even noticing I was really wearing headphones.

I know what you’re thinking: “Can bass really enhance television?”

The answer, my friends, is hell yes! I love a bit of action, and the Bass Buds ability to ramp up lower tones is great for everything from atmospheric music to intense fight scenes.

It’s hard to find that perfect cross between something that looks good, delivers good quality sound, and are comfortable. Bass Buds have manages to check all of these boxes and produce headphones that not only do their job but that you’re proud to be seen wearing!

Check them out here: www.bassbuds.co.uk

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