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Are cashless festivals really the way forward?

By Sj.Cliff
Are cashless festivals really the way forward?

I will be facing the reported torrential rain and setting up camp at Download 2015, along with the press kit, we’ve been given information regarding their new RIFD cashless payment system. But issues are already being reported that affect 1% of users. So are cashless systems really the way to go?

Personally, I love the fact Download will be cashless. No longer will I be struggling to stay intoxicated while the idiot in front of me fiddles with pennies or receives change from what can only be a million-pound note. But, as Spiderman kind of says, with great technology comes great technical glitches. Are the errors that have already been reported a terrible omen or just a little blip on the festival radar?

So, let’s break it down to pro’s and cons. That way you can decide for yourself. (I’m not your mother, I won't do it for you.)


No more pointless waiting.

As I said before, I BLOODY HATE WAITING. Especially for drinks. Or food. Or merch. Now I can grab stuff with just a quick *bloop* of the wrist.

Or being charged a fiver to get your own money out.

Yes, I know it’s not really a fiver, more like £3, but still. I’ve earned my money and morally object to having to pay to use it. Good on you wireless payments!

You can lose something on your wrist

The more I drink, and boy do I intend to drink, the more of an oaf I become. With my “cash” now attached to my wrist, there is no chance of me losing it. Except if I lose a hand, but seriously what chance is there of that?

Nobody can take it from you either.

Take that pickpockets!



Case in point, today's issue. Then you have to wait in a queue to get it fixed, totally defying the point of using RIFD anyway.

You have no choice

Even if you were the kind that thought the world would end on the millennium and fear new-fangled gizmo’s, there is no way of avoiding RIFD. It would be nice to be given a choice (and purchase a burger if the system was down).

You can’t see what you’ve spent

I’m a terrible person when it comes to cash. Unless I can literally see the money disappearing, I spend like the Kardashians (all of them) with the bank account of Lindsey Lohan. I’m guessing she must be poor by now. Obviously.

Endless topping up

Tying in nicely to the above, seen as I can’t see what I’m spending I’ll probably spend a lot. Eventually, the time will come when I have to visit a top up machine and pop an emergency tenner onto my wristband. Which will run out, so I’ll top up again. An endless circle of machine-based nightmares.

What do you think of a cashless festival? Let us know on our socials!


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