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Apps for good students

By TheStudentGuide
Apps for good students

How your phone can help you do well!

Young people don’t know how lucky they are these days, with their clever phones and fancy apps. Back in our time, all we had was Snake to keep us distracted at the back of lectures... Oh well, we’ve gathered together a collection of these ‘apps’ - download yourself a couple of these Apps for Good Students, and you'll surely be on the road to success.


Handy for looking up words and complicated terminology. Also comes with a thesaurus, which will be good for showing off your extensive vocabulary... Free


Your lecturers might warn you against using Wikipedia, but this app will always come in useful when you need to look up information on the go, or sneakily find the facts during seminars. Free


This nifty app turns your mobile into a dictaphone. Recording your lectures will make going over your notes easier when it comes round to revision time, dun dun dunn... £7.99 or Free for a lite version


If you’re brainy enough to be studying medicine, you should also be smart enough to download this app. Mediquations is a prestigious and comprehensive medical calculator with over 230 medical formulas and scores (whatever they are). £2.99

Norton Study App

Brought to you by American publishing heavy-weight, the Norton Study app promises to provide the perfect mobile solution to studying any topic anywhere, by testing you on key terms, and quizzing your overall knowledge. Free

Beat Procrastination

Beat Procrastination is supposedly a meditation programme, designed by some chap called Andrew Johnson, to help you concentrate and be more productive. No more checking Facebook during essay time. £1.99


Evernote is perfect for disorganised students who want to sort themselves out. It helps you to remember things by providing a place for you to store your miscellaneous thoughts, files and images, creating a comprehensive to-do list and filing system. Free


Stanza turns your phone into an e-book reader. It’ll hurt your eyes if you’re not rich enough to own an iPad, but offers a possible solution if you can’t find a book you need in the library. Free


iHomework will ensure that you never miss another seminar/deadline again (in theory). As well as scheduling important dates and times, iHomework allows you to keep track of pretty much everything related to your learning, including contact information for your lecturers, oh goody! £1.49

BBC News

It’s important for any self-respecting young academic to remain abreast of current affairs. Next time you’re in one of those awkward political discussions in which you’re not sure what’s going on, you’ll be really glad you downloaded this app. Free

NUS Extra

The NUS Extra app will keep you up-to-date with all the latest deals and offers, and info about the best places to go for penny-saving value, both online and on the high-street. Free

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