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Apps for bad students

By TheStudentGuide
Apps for bad students

How your phone can distract you!

Young people don’t know how lucky they are these days, with their clever phones and fancy apps. Back in our time, all we had was Snake to keep us distracted at the back of lectures... Oh well, we’ve gathered together a collection of these ‘apps’ - download yourself a couple of these Apps for Bad Students for fantastic phone-based procrastination.


Think of a character/person, and Akinator will demonstrate his uncanny ability to guess who it is with only a few simple questions. Frustratingly, Akinator will definitely know more about important figures and individuals than you. You’re also guaranteed to fall into an addictive and unproductive cycle of trying (and) failing to outsmart him. £1.49

Slango Urban Dictionary

Perfect for looking up totally irrelevant, non-academic, and often dirty, words and terms. 69p


Vital for ensuring that no unflattering photo-tags go unnoticed. Especially during morning-after-the-night-before lectures. Free

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a tremendous time waster. According to makers Rovio, people around the world collectively spend 200 million minutes playing Angry Birds every day; that’s the equivalent of 16 years every hour. Basically involves shooting birds at green pigs. 69p

Texts From Last Night

What better way to spend your sober hours than by reading about what other people have been doing whilst drunk? TFLN is goldmine of embarrassing and hilarious texts and sexts sent by disgraceful drunken (mostly-American) students. For example:
“I drunk madeout with my mom last night. It's guna be an awkward breakfast.” 69p

Shop Style

Shop Style offers endless perusal possibilities, bringing together thousands of products from lots of shops in one easy-to-search and up-to-date database. Researching shoes is much more interesting than reading about Shakespeare. Free

How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works is a huge encyclopaedic collection of random and miscellaneous podcasts and articles about quite literally, how stuff works, such as ‘how do magnets work’ and ‘how shark attacks work.’ Brilliant study material for the only exams that really matter: pub quizzes. Free

What’s App

Free instant messaging service for keeping in touch with friends on the other side of the lecture hall. 69p

Drinking Games

Tells you how to play over 70 drinking games. If you’re using this app whilst you’re in uni, you can definitely count yourself as a bad student. £1.49


StumbleUpon! is a search engine that selects interesting websites specifically to suit your tastes and interests. A highly addictive way of find new and kooky things online. Free

Paper Toss

It’s surprising just how obsessed you’ll become with flicking paper into a bin. Free

Pocket Hypnosis: Student Pak

Developed by the great hypnotherapist, John Raven, Pocket Hypnosis opens up the gateway into all kinds of self-hypnosis adventures, for people too lazy to develop legitimate skills in self-discipline and concentration. £1.49

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