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And Best Picture Goes To…

By Rebecca Garbutt
And Best Picture Goes To…

On Sunday 4th March 2018, the Oscars will be upon us once again along with a long line of extravagant ‘barely there’ dresses and A-List celebs pouting for the cameras. But after last years fiasco involving La La Land and Midnight, the organisers will be holding their breath for this year’s prestigious night to go mishap free. So what films are nominated to pick up the most prized award?


Call Me by Your Name

Timothee Chalamet leads the way in this heartfelt film of awakening desire and sexual/ romantic exploration. Seventeen-year-old Elio Perlman lives in Northern Italy with his translator mother and professor father, eventually welcoming American doctoral student Oliver to help with his work for the summer. The shy Elio finds a compatriot in Oliver, and their friendship blossoms into a relationship that transforms both their lives.

Darkest Hour


Darkest Hour is a thrilling escapade into the life of one of our country's greatest leaders - Mr Winston Churchill. Set in 1940, on the verge of Churchill’s appointment as Prime Minister, the audience is taken on a journey through one of the countries darkest hours, as Hitler’s German troops are poised to invade across the channel. Regarded as Gary Oldman’s finest performance, this film has a good chance of taking the top spot.


This blockbuster brought to us by the great Christopher Nolan captured audiences attention and admiration when it was released last year. Detailing the famous Dunkirk evacuation of World War Two, the film takes us on a nail-biting treacherous journey as we follow characters on land, sea and in the air. With a great cast made up of the likes of Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh and Tom Hardy, Dunkirk brought well-deserved attention to the evacuation attempts made by British troops for British troops.

Get Out

A departure from the rest of the films nominated, Get Out has the perfect blend of horror and comedy with nuanced flashes of brilliance. Telling the tale of Chris and his girlfriend Rose, who having reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, are cautious of the family's overly friendly and obliging behaviour, thinking it an attempt to deal with their interracial relationship. But as the film continues, disturbing discoveries lead to a shocking truth that you will never see coming.

Lady Bird

This film has Saoirse Ronan at its head, star of films such as Brooklyn and Atonement. ‘Lady Bird’, an outspoken teen in her senior year of high school, must learn to navigate the complicated relationship she has with her mother in order to move forward with her life. The film’s director Greta Gerwig is only the fifth woman ever to be nominated for best director for this film, making it stand out as a wonderfully poignant debut. We’ve got our fingers crossed for you Greta!

Phantom Thread

With Daniel Day-Lewis bowing out of making films this year, Phantom Thread is his most bizarrist choice of role yet, but the film still captures an ethereal story of love, obsession and quiet control. Day-Lewis plays Reynolds Woodcock, a dressmaker who falls in love with a young waitress and the audience is treated to a captivating look into their controlling yet inseparable relationship.

The Post

With two of Hollywood’s biggest stars at the helm - Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep - and directed by the incomparable Steven Spielberg, this film was sure to make waves when it hit theatres in December 2017. Set in the early 1970s, the film depicts the true story of the journalists working at The Washington Post and their painstaking efforts to publish the Pentagon Papers, classified documents about the US involvement in the Vietnam War. It was chosen by the National Board of Review as the best film of 2017, which should stand it in good stead for the all-important night!

The Shape of Water

With an incredible haul of 13 nominations at this years awards, The Shape of Water is from one of the masters of storytelling, Guillermo del Torro. Set in the backdrop of the Cold War, this strange fairy tale epic is centred on mute laboratory worker Elise, who stumbles upon a secret classified experiment - a humanoid-amphibian creature.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Frances McDormand plays Mildred Hayes, a woman whose teenage daughter was raped and murdered seven months prior. Haunted by the police departments apparent inaction to find out what happened, Hayes rents three abandoned billboards near her home and displays indecent messages to the police so they will take more notice of her daughters case. Though the film doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the nominees for this category, its differences may mark it out as one to watch on the night.


To find out which film scoops the big prize and get the all-important goss before meeting your friends, tune into the Academy Awards on 4th March!

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