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An Interview with Peace

By Sj.Cliff
An Interview with Peace

It’s a busy time to be a member of Peace. With a new album out at the start of the month, tickets to their UK tour going on sale last week and 8 shows in February alone… our head is spinning just thinking about it. We managed to grab a few minutes with Dominic Boyce to chat about drumming, touring and Happy People…

Happy people went on sale this month, but it was meant to be released last year, why the delay?

It was kind of reasons out of our hands. Our management changed unexpectedly so we were kind of left in limbo for a few weeks. It’s kind of weird because when you’re preparing to release an album, it was only three weeks we were without a manager, but in that stage of a campaign means like 6 months more work. We were in limbo for a while.

We got our new management and they said that we could carry on with the release date, but it won’t have as much impact as if we were to wait and have time to work on it. So, it just kind of seemed right. It was kind of unfortunate because management at the time were like, there’s no point touring because you’ve got nothing to tour so if you want we’ll pay for you to go into the studio again – just for fun more than anything, and if you write songs that are better than what you’ve got then we can put those on the album. We ended up writing three more songs and putting them on the album.

Like a musical holiday?

Yeah, pretty much.

So, is your favourite song from the album one of the originals or one that you’ve added to the album?

At the moment it’s one of the new ones - “Perfect Skin”, “I’m A Girl” and “Sunday”. “Perfect Skin” is up there at the moment. I love playing it live. It’s a really explosive drum track – even if I say so myself.

Not tooting your own horn!

Yeah, it’s a really *lights on the drummer* song. Hey, if I don’t then nobody will!

Not true! Drummers are totally underrated! It’s like going to the gym while you’re performing!

I know, I know. You don’t have to tell me this! The thing is the thing that makes it ok, that people either aren’t bothered about drummers, in which case I’m not bothered about them. Or people give drummers more credit than they deserve and they’re my favourite people. They’re almost better fans than people who like lead singers because they think that they’re supposed to like them.

I was checking out your Track by Track video for happy people and Noel Fielding made an appearance. How did you manage that?

Well, Harry did Never Mind the Buzzcocks a few months ago and they just stayed in touch ever since. Then, we were talking about doing this video (we’d actually finished the video without him, it was ready to go online the next day) and Noel had text Harry asking if he could come to a show in London that we did last week. He came down earlier in the day and all the film crew were there to do the finishing touches and we were like “Fuck it, do you fancy doing a quick cameo in it?” and he said yes.

The two bits that he’s in, he did in the time that you watch it, you know? There were no takes; he just did two runs and two different things. It was really crazy to see in real-life because, obviously, I’ve always been a huge fan (of The MightyBoosh especially, I grew up absolutely loving that. I’ve always found it absolutely hilarious). But you kind of always feel like panel shows have a little bit of trickery or are scripted (well obviously ‘Boosh is scripted but you know what I mean) but when you see him in action in real life he’s just like that. He doesn’t have to think twice about being hilarious – it’s second nature to him and quite incredible to watch.

Speaking of collaboration work, is there anyone that’d you’d want to work with in the future?

Erm, I’m not sure really. There are so many…

It’s a real tough one that, because there are a lot of people that I’d seriously like to do something with.

Mark Ronson has got to be obvious. I tell you what, yesterday, our management emailed us being like “Just so you know, Robert Plant just asked for guest tickets for you show in Wolverhampton” – which is pretty amazing. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it or not, we’ve recently put a cover online of "Since I’ve been Loving You" which is a ‘Zeppelin track.

If we could persuade him to come on and perform that with us… That would really be something else. So I’d have to say Robert Plant or any member of Led Zeppelin, ‘cause I just fucking love them.

You’ve mentioned your tour; tickets have just gone on sale! Where’s your favourite place to play in the UK?

Venue or city?

We’ll go for city first and then we can do venue.

I think a lot has to be said for Birmingham. Obviously it means a lot to us personally, but also I remember going to gigs a lot when I was younger, going to see bands at The Academy and the NIA and it was really cool and amazing was that I was seeing bands I love. I can’t help but feel in the last few years, even on this larger scale with bigger venues, it’s not just a place people come together and see a band they like anymore. The crowd in Birmingham now is one of the best in the country. It’s more than just a kind of means to an end. I think all touring bands feel the same as well, speaking to bands abroad, like American bands and stuff, I know that for them they’ve kind of been like “…Birmingham? Do people go to gigs in Birmingham?” It’s kind of strange, considering it’s the second city with such a huge population.

Which leads me onto the next one, the best venue is possibly Rock City in Nottingham. We’ve played there a few times and we’re playing it again this tour. It’s really good there.

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