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An Interview With: Palace

By Ella Downing
An Interview With: Palace

You might not have heard of Palace, but they're heading for big things. 

After releasing their first EP in October, they've been played on Radio 1, 6Music and XFM, have toured with Jamie T, and Ghostpoet and have just dropped their new EP and released winter tour dates. I caught up with vocalist Leo to chat about what the band is all about.

How would you describe your sound for those that don’t know you?
I’d say it’s big, ethereal, quite dramatic and epic sounding. It’s a modern sound with a slight bluesy, vintage twist. We’re very much into interweaving guitars and guitar harmonies and floaty melodies. If that helps at all!

How, when and why did Palace come together?
We all went to school together back in the day so we’ve known each other since we were pretty young. We’d always talked about forming a band but It was after we left school that me and Matt, the drummer, eventually booked into a studio just for the fun of it, a crappy little studio in Camden, and messed around with a few songs. We got Rupert, our guitarist, involved and as a three piece we just started out as a fun thing. Our friend booked us a gig and we really thought we were pretty crap! But that was the moment we realised actually maybe we’re onto something because we got this amazing reception even though we were completely under-rehearsed. That was the point we realised shit this might be something quite good!

still of Palace

Your Chase the Light EP is out now and your previous EP Lost in the Night came out last October. How do you think your music has progressed between the two records?
To be honest I think it’s nothing too drastic but in regards to us as musicians and the chemistry within the band I just think we’ve just gotten better at what we do and the chemistry is better so naturally I think the songs come out more advanced. . It’s very much the Palace sound; it’s the next step forward, a natural progression. We would never go too crazy with the sound of the next EP like it’s very important that it has the Palace sound. Without thinking about it too much Lost in the Night, has naturally worked out as stronger.

You have a tour coming up in October, what are you most looking forward to about it? Are you excited or nervous?
Not really nervous, we haven’t toured a huge amount but we’re past the initial scary stage. To be honest, it’s just pure excitement. From the touring we’ve done so far there’s nothing more fun than just travelling around with your friends in a van playing music to people, it’s pretty much the dream. I think just the idea of playing music to new crowds and going to lots of different cities that we’ve never been to is so exciting. It’s amazing to get to do what you love and play your music to people, it’s such a special feeling, pretty fucking great.

You’ve played a few festivals this year and have a few more dates coming up, how have you found playing at festivals compared to playing live?
They both have their pros and cons. When playing at a festival there is something special about it, it feels like a big, special occasion. The whole thing of arriving at a festival and everyone is just having such a good time and it’s a good vibe and you’re just a little part of that adding to the great time is a good feeling. I think for us we just love playing live, it’s just what we really love doing. After not gigging for a week or two, we get gig cold turkey! We just want to be playing so badly and the moment we head to the next gig we’re just so excited and ready to do it so in general we love playing any gigs.

Who would be your dream person to work with?
That’s a really good question, there are a few people. Probably people like Mac DeMarco, Pond, Kevin Parker from Tame Impala. I’m not sure what form we could collaborate with them; I guess they could sing on one of our songs! To go on tour with one of them or the Maccabees would be amazing!

Finally, what are your ultimate goals for Palace in the future?
Just to keep being able to perform music to be people and do it as a full-time thing. As long as we can keep on doing that and putting out good records to people then that’s all we want really. We don’t ever want to project too far ahead and be like ‘we’re going platinum on this one’. We want to just keep on doing what we’re doing, write good music, play as a band and get our stuff out there and heard. That’s the goal really because doing this couldn’t be more fun!


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