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An Interview With: Lucy Rose

By Ella Downing
An Interview With: Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose is making some big moves as a singer/songwriter. Her new album Work it Out is in some ways a far cry from the acoustic sounds of Like I Used To. But what's really changed? We had a chat to her to find out.

Your new album, Work it Out, is released next month. From hearing songs your new material, it's a very different sound compared to Like I Used to. What made you decide to move away from that slightly?

I don’t know I really haven’t thought it through it just happened. With being on the road a lot, it was hard to play acoustic guitar so much because we had a lot of free time in the van and it would just annoy everyone. So I did a lot on a beat maker machine which is the new songs have been written in a very different way to the acoustic stuff. I've not parted from the acoustics but I guess I’m just trying new things and I didn’t want to make the same record twice. 


It seems to have had a good reception so far, particularly on the radio. Were you nervous that it wouldn’t as it’s quite a big change?

Yes! I got initial feedback straight away of people like oh no she’s doing something different! And everyone knows if I have got any fans it’s because they like what I produced on the first record so to do something totally different is a bit bizarre I guess, but I have had good feedback. In many ways it’s not so different to the last record, it’s just evolution from it.


How would you describe the album in three words?

Brave, Light and Dark.


Talk to me about the Our Eyes video, how did that idea come about?

We wanted the visual to match this new sound because that song is so bright and bold and different.That was tough because people were saying she’s got to look really cool and beautiful! And I wasn't into that, I'm not that kind of person. So instead I got this treatment of 'we’ll just cover you in dog food and chips and not take you it too seriously!' Sometimes it feels like music videos just portray people really unrealistically, no one's that cool. So I just felt like going screw it lets just do something that makes me look a bit stupid and is fun to watch!


You are playing several live dates over the summer and have a tour starting in autumn. Have your live performances changed with the new sound?

It depends on when you last saw me play. If you’ve been watching me perform over the last few years it’s just going to look like natural growth. If you haven't seen me play for a while then it's very different to when I first started. When I was on a stool and it was very shy, I’d barely look up from my guitar at the audience. Whereas now I’m standing on my feet which is new! I'm enjoying interacting more with the audience and the band so I guess it is a very different show in many ways. 


You’re playing several festival dates over the summer including the big T in the Park. Do you have a favourite festival to play?

I loved playing Glastonbury last year and even though I’m not playing this year. I’m still going as I’ve got tickets, they can’t stop me! As for festivals that I’m playing I really like Kendall calling. I like the atmosphere because it’s a lot more chilled out than other festivals and it’s just got a different vibe.


Where do you get your writing inspiration from?

I’m still trying to work that out myself! If I knew I’d be writing all day long. I don’t know because some days I wake up and I can’t write at all and other days I wake up and the mechanics of my body and mind just allow it. With some of the songs I think I can’t believe I wrote that! It’s tough to know, but I guess what inspires me is things in the real world that make me feel something real.


You have a close relationship with your fans and have had them play on stage with you on a few occasions.  Do you write with them in mind or is it more of a personal process?

I try not to think too much about what people want, but I do have some people in mind who’ve gone through certain things and certain songs have helped them.There is a song on the album which is about one girl in particular who told me she had quite a hard time at uni and came to a show which helped her decide what she wanted to do with her life and gave it a bit of clarity. When people say that to you that’s the greatest compliment I could ever receive. 


Finally, what are you most looking forward to over the summer? Is there one live or tour date that you’re particularly excited about or just the general experience?

I’m looking forward to it all. I couldn’t say because sometimes the unexpected gigs turn out to be the best! Who knows what’s going to be the best one yet- I’ll let you know!

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