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An Interview With: Liam Bailey

By Ella Downing
An Interview With: Liam Bailey

Liam Bailey is an artist that has been on the scene for a while now. Perhaps best known for his work with Chase and Status, his upcoming album Definitely Now and tour supporting Paloma Faith suggest that he is becoming more of a name in his own right. 


Your new album, Definitely Now, is out next month. What can we expect from it?

Various eclectic genres. It’s a reflection of my musical traits so it’s very varied. There’s acoustics, heavy blues, soul, rock, quartets, and somewhat psychedelic elements. It’s just a real mix.


You’ve been in the spotlight for a while now working with lots of other artists but what made you decide that this was the time to bring this album out?

I honestly just thought the albums finished and I wanted to make a record so I didn’t really decide when to put it out. It wasn’t a case of how long shall I wait until I release it was just waiting to get my record together and sort out life circumstances and get the right songs to the right place and put them together and see how it comes.


What’s your favourite track off the album?

I’ve been asked this at every interview and it’s always different. Today it might be So..? Maybe Love because I’m in that mood today. I have a mild form of bipolar so the album was always going to come out as a cycle of sounds and things that I want to say. So…? Maybe Love was the song I was proper feeling today because it’s got scope to it, it’s quite a journey.

You’re supporting Paloma Faith on her tour this summer. How did the arrangement come about?

Well, we’re friends and she loves my music and always has done. I did a show a few years ago at Union Chapel in London. I wanted people to feature and support and I just picked the people that I love and they’re all my friends. So Paloma chose me because loves my music and we know each other on a personal level.


You’ve previously toured with both Chase and Status and Jessie J. What are you most looking forward to about being back on the tour circuit?

Playing to the people man! I like seeing their little pilled up eyes roll to the back of their skull! To be able to receive that kind of energy is a real buzz. Even if there are only 20 people in the room who are really vibing it the energy is just crazy. That’s why people do this and that’s why so many musicians tolerate so much bullshit and crap. Some musicians are really not well as people, but the energy that they get from that one gig keeps them ticking over for months, sometimes years.


Where do you get your musical inspiration from?

All the old icons. I know it's cliché but your old guys like the Beatles, Hendrix, Neil Young, Marvin Gaye, Radiohead. Contemporary people influence me as well but I’ve not got the most current music collection because I’m just stuck in the music I’ve listened to from when I was young, I’m just stuck in my own world! I need to pull my head out my arse! I love Sinead Harnett. I went to see her play the other day, she's another one of my friends. Yo! She smashed it! It was about that life!


Finally, what’s next for you after the tour with Paloma and the release of your new album?

I’m feeling quite adventurous at the moment and I want to keep that feeling going. Anything could happen in the future. For me what matters is just putting out golden nuggets of things. I want to put on great gigs, tour, write new material and collaborate with other people. I also want to generate and work on new ideas that aren’t necessarily musically inclined.


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