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An Interview with Gorgon City

By Ella Downing
An Interview with Gorgon City

Our guest writer Ella Downing caught up with Kye and Matt from Gorgon City ahead of their Birmingham show to chat about the success of their 2014 tour, their new album Sirens, all things festival and what they’re getting up to in 2015.

Hi guys, how are you? How’s the tour going so far?Emma with Gorgon City's Matt and Kye

Kye: Yeah it’s been good, this is our fourth one. It’s quite intense though doing it one day after another.

Yeah, I bet it gets a bit much. Well, I’ve just got a few quick questions for our Festival Guide. Firstly, your new album Sirens features lots of collaborations with artists such as Katy B, Jennifer Hudson, MNEK and Maverick Sabre. Why did you choose these guys?

Kye: We always try to go for people who don’t normally do dance music. We find you get the most interesting results that way. So most people on the album had never done a dance track before so that’s why we chose to work with people like Maverick Sabre and even Eric Hessle.

Matt: And Laura Welsh.

Kye: Yeah, using sort of completely different styles. A lot of the time it’s through our management because they know a lot of the people we like, they’re really good and have always got their ears to the ground. Sometimes its people we knew already like MNEK, we knew him from Black Butter camp. It’s cool to work with people that you know already, Katy B as well.

What’s your standout track on Sirens?

Matt: Mine kind of changes all the time

Kye: I think my favourites probably the last track of the album ‘Hard On Me’

I enjoyed that one, a bit slower than the others. You released Sirens on Spotify enabling people to listen to it for free. With artists such as Taylor Swift pulling their music from Spotify in an attempt to restrict free listening, I wondered how important you think music streaming platforms like Spotify and Youtube are in enabling everyone to listen to music without paying for it? As musicians do you feel that the drop in sales of music is having a negative effect on the music industry?

Kye: I think it is difficult for the artists because Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud may seem all good, but they don’t really pay the artist much and I think for us we’re alright because a lot of our income comes from DJ sets, but for a singer that doesn’t do DJ sets they’re going to really struggle.

Yeah, her argument was that her music is an art and her life’s work so it’s unfair for it to go unpaid and unrecognised.

Matt: Yeah I think a lot of people feel like that and if you are just in a band or are a singer who doesn’t DJ every week there’s no other way of making money out of it. To make an actual career out of it is nearly impossible if you’re just a singer, you have to do other stuff so I can sort of see where she’s coming from.

Who have you most enjoyed working with during your career so far and who would be your dream person to collaborate with?

Matt: MNEK’s always great to work with and Maverick Sabre is great as well. We don’t really have a wish list of people we want to work with because we work with great people all the time so we’re really lucky *laughs*.

In 2014, you toured the US, UK and Europe, let us in on any secrets..?

Matt: *laughs* Weird things happen quite a lot. It’s always fun going on tour with Rudimental we’ve supported them a while ago, that’s always fun, lots of ridiculous stories.

Too many I bet. You played several dates in America last year and are heading back this month. How do the UK/US audiences and music scenes differ and do you prefer one more than the other?

Matt: We enjoy both, more recently the US crowds are becoming more like the UK crowds, they know the music just as well as people do here now. It kind of feels like our kind of sound is really working over there at the moment so it’s a good time for us, it’s exciting.

Kye: They’re definitely more intense though the crowds in America but I think they’re just like that as people, louder.

Okay, that’s everything then, thanks so much for your time!

Kye: No worries thanks for that.

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