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An interview with BBC’s Charlie Sloth

By Editor
An interview with BBC’s Charlie Sloth

Last year, Charlie Sloth took the reigns from Tim Westwood, becoming the UK's biggest hip hop DJ. After playing an instrumental role in bringing 1xtra Live to Birmingham this November, the self-proclaimed best looking fat guy in the world is set to release his debut compilation album, Hood Heat. We caught up with the fella to see what he was saying about it all. 

So, it's been a busy time for you. You spent a week Birmingham, culminating in 1xtra Live. Who do you think put on the best show?

For me the night overall was amazing and everybody came with their a game, but Krept and Konan and BBK stole the show for me. The energy was insane! It was great to to see how far UK music has come.



You're not long away from releasing your very first compilation CD. It has a lot of English grime artists who've made big tracks this year (Skepta, Meridian Dan). Why do you think grime has had such a revival at the moment?

I think it's become very honest again by going back to its roots and re-finding itself.

From the tracklisting, I also notice you're appearing on the CD. What will you role be? Rapping or producing?


I see Jadakiss, JMC and Stormzy have come together to make Look Like. How did you manage to pull UK and US artist together?

Haha, with a phone call.


Do you reckon collabs between grime artists and American rappers it the future of urban music?

We are going to see a lot more of it for sure. I know there are some huge ones that will drop in 2015

What do you prefer: rapping or presenting?

Presenting, I haven't rapped for 5 years

How would you factor DJing into that, too?

I started as a Dj, so for me I have just gone full circle

What album are you most looking forward to?

Hood Heat that drops on 8th December.

I am interested to hear if Skepta can keep the momentum going with his new album Konichiwa. Which upcoming UK artist's album most excites you?

Im looking forward to see what both Stormzy and Potter Payper bring to the table



What have been your favourite ever Fire in the Booth performances been? (Being a Brummie, I felt Jaykae’s because it was emotional)

Ha, that's like asking me who my fav child is. I like them all for different reasons. There's a different one for each emotion

And finally, who would your dream Fire in the Booth performer be? (Mine would be Drake. He can write, produce, rap and sing. But can he freestyle?)

This one is simple. It would have to be the best rapper alive: Eminem


Charlie Sloth's debut compilation Hood Heat is out today and we suggest you take a look as it is banger after banger.

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