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An idiots guide to Apple Pay

By Sj.Cliff
An idiots guide to Apple Pay

Apple’s new payment system, Apple Pay (surprising!), hit the UK yesterday!

By adding your card into your iPhone 6 (or iPhone 5, if you have an Apple Watch), you can use your iPhone in place of your card for contactless transactions.

iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

As with contactless, most of the retailers that offer the service (anywhere that uses the card system) will limit the maximum transaction amount to £20. This will rise to £30 in September this year. However certain stores, such as H&M are rumoured to not being imposing a limit at all as soon as the option is available.

Tech’ing up your bank account can seem a little confusing, even daunting, so we’ve created an idiot guide to the Apple Pay system!

Which banks use it:

The first wave of banks to get on the Apple Pay hype include NatWest, Nationwide Building Society, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander and Ulster Bank and MBNA… but this is just the start. Additional banks are joining later this month, such as First Direct and HSBC.

There is a second wave reported to be joining later on this year, which already boasts big names like the Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Halifax, Lloyds Bank, M&S Bank and TSB Bank. Though some of these names may seem a little misplaced in the later joining date as at least two have claimed to be launch partners to the new system.

Adding a card:

When you first get Apple Pay, you’ll need to add a card. If the card you want to use is the same as the one that’s synced to your apple account, the process is pretty simple: just pop into the Passbook/Wallet app and add the three-digit security code. For additional cards, you can use your camera to scan your bank card and it will pick up all of your details, adding them for you.

Paying for stuff:

Contactless payments were up by over 250% last year, so you should know how this works. Apple Pay is just as simple. After adding your cards, simply hold your phone over the contactless reader and confirm your purchases via fingerprint. This is the reason why iPhone 5 users can only use this new function with the assistance of an Apple Watch.

Online options:

As well as using it in store, you can use Apple Pay online too! Using the same premise as PayPal. Simply use your fingerprint to confirm the transaction, in the same way that Samsung phones confirm the payment now.

See? Not as scary as you thought, right?

The main bonus to this form of payment is security. The new method, known as tokenization, means that instead of giving a retailer your card details. They receive a single use “token” that allows money to be taken from your account. So while this kind of transaction is a lot simpler than whipping out your bank card, it's also a lot safer.

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