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8 reasons why the book is probably better than the film

By Sj.Cliff
8 reasons why the book is probably better than the film

There’s a lot of drama when it comes to books vs films. But who really is better? Sam here at TSG Towers is fighting the books corner.

I love a good film, don’t get me wrong. But, for me, there’s just something about film that just can’t compare to a good book – even if it is the same story. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well here are a few reasons.

Reading is awesome for your brain.

Reading has been proven to have positive effects on the brain for around 5 days after you’ve actually read. He heightened brain connectivity could really help you out when you’re studying!

You imagine the character how you’d like them.


We all have our preferences and when we read a description; our preferences shape how we imagine a character. So Christian Grey will actually be sexy… unlike in the film!

And understand them better.

Books aren’t meant to be read in 10 minutes, or else they’d be tiny. They’re lengthy to allow characters time to develop each time you pick it up. Now a film can’t last anywhere near as long as a book so all characters have to be likeable (or unlikable as the case may be) really quickly. Most of the time it’s so rushed you don’t know what’s gone on.

Books don’t need expensive equipment to use.

Now, unless you have an unlimited internet and power connection and a reasonable smartphone you can’t take a film around with you.

You can read a book literally anywhere: in the office, at the park, even on the toilet if that’s what floats your boat. All a book needs is your eyes and brain – don’t plan on leaving those at home do you?

You can re-visit a bit of a book you love/didn’t understand without everyone getting pissed off.

Love that bit when…

Don’t understand why he…

Simple. Just flick back a few pages and you can revisit. If you rewound a confusing film like Trance then not only will you be annoyed at yourself, but everyone watching the film with you would want to strangle you.

Special effects never suck when you’re imagining them.

You can be more explode-y than Michael Bay in your mind, without having to spend all your money on fireworks.

Same goes for the acting.

There are no wooden actors in the cinema of your mind – not mentioning any names. *cough*Kirsten Stewart*cough*

Finally, if you get in any trouble a book can help you out.

I’m not on about a deep life lesson here. Or even knowledge. If you get in trouble you can totally hit someone with a book – and it’ll hurt to. Take that Hollywood.

So, for a change, why don’t you go pick up a book? Go and see what you’re missing!

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