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22 Jump Street review!

By Han Giblin
22 Jump Street review!

After the success of the 21 Jump Street reboot, Officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are back and this time they're off to college...to do the exact same thing as the first time.

Locate the dealer, locate the supplier. However, it won't be that simple this time as Jenko begins to stray from the path after meeting blonde Jock Zook (Wyatt Russell) who thinks, looks and acts the complete same as Jenko. The whole film celebrates the male bond and it's not hard to see why the main twist of the plot unfolds the way it does. However it does provide an excellent opportunity for more comedy centred around Jonah Hill and his lack of physical grace. Directed by newbies Phil Lord and Christopher Miller you can really see how the visionary comic directors responsible for the Lego movie, apply their humour to the 22 jump street vision.



We all know Jonah Hill for comedy, his most recent stint in Martin Scorsese Oscar nominated Wolf of Wall Street has shown undeniably that he offers brilliant comic acting and light relief in any film. However, Tatum has been the most surprising, the first film really changed opinions of the actor who has been repeatedly cast to look pretty and take his top off. His comic timing and physical acting has helped cement his status as truly funny and this remains the case throughout 22 Jump Street. In fact the film opens in a hilarious scene of the two men playing with the new equipment they have been given as new investments are made into 22 Jump Street, this scene shows best the brilliance and chemistry between the two actors and the characters they portray. Tatum as the physically dominating but greatly stupid one and Hill as the quick witted but slow running one.

College also supplies writers Jonah Hill and Michael Becall with a brilliant catalogue of jokes to enjoy and if you miss one, there's no need to worry because another will be right around the corner to replace it. Indeed it seems this film was made to be watched more than once and new character Mercedes (Jillian Bell) is also a brilliant addition to the hilarious cast.

It's not often that anyone would agree that the sequel was better than the first but this film delivers. The brilliance of the film lies in its self awareness, 22 Jump Street constantly pokes fun at itself and the actors involved within it. A great example is the use of actor Ice Cube who plays Captain Dickson,  can be heard exclaiming " Look at my office, its like a cube made of ice".  All in all the film was brilliantly acted, written and directed. A definite summer blockbuster and make sure you stick around for the credits! It's one of the best jokes in the film.

4 out of 5 cats!


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