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18 reasons to step up your music game with Yamaha MusicCast

By Yamaha
18 reasons to step up your music game with Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha may be a name you’re familiar with, if you play an instrument there’s a very high chance you’ve come across one of their instruments in your journey.

World leaders in music and tech innovation, they’re now coming to the table with something that rivals some of the most advanced music systems in the world.

Yamaha’s no stranger to new tech, back in 2004 they released the YSP-1 surround soundbar, taking TV sound to the next level. In 1987 they invented home cinema as we know it today and back in 2003 the original MusicCAST was released as the world’s first multi room system ever seen.
Given how easy it is to get your hands on a wireless speaker nowadays, it’s not great surprise that Yamaha is now re-inventing that idea and pushing it beyond the boundaries we already know about. Introducing Yamaha’s re-invented MusicCast system, ready for the modern age and with more tech than you can shake a stick at.

Here's 18 reasons why you should step up your music game with Yamaha MusicCast.


1) It’s easy to use

As technologically advanced and as far as MusicCast can be pushed; it’s perhaps most crucially, incredibly simple to use. All you need to get going is a MusicCast product (easy to get hold of, see (06)) and a smart device, your Android Phone or iPhone will do the job nicely. Download the app from your device’s app store and away you go. It’s free to use and you’ll be guided through the setup in just a few steps.

2) It’s not expensive

Yamaha has a reputation for super premium product, which usually costs more because it’s built better. What’s great about MusicCast is you can get started with a £150 wireless speaker like the WX-010 and then expand if you need or want to. It still carries the premium product mantle as it’s made by Yamaha, in a Yamaha factory, with Yamaha R&D and Yamaha engineers… and given their sterling history of great product we can trust them to make a quality product.

3) You can stream all your music

There’s streaming services built in including Spotify, Napster, Qobuz and JUKE. Not to mention there’s more on the way from Yamaha in the coming months. You can also stream music that’s on your phone or on a NAS drive if you want to use that.

4) You can stream hi-res music

Every single MusicCast product supports hi-res audio, that’s up to 192kHz and 24 bit audio for most products and up to DSD 5.6MHz on some of the higher end products. Now if that sounds like jargon to you… you’d be right. In basic terms it means that if you use hi-res audio or listen to it or even want to listen to it, MusicCast has you covered. Hi-res audio is becoming more popular as time goes on so who knows what your music collection will look like in 10 years’ time. And your MusicCast products will still be going!

5) You have a massive product range to choose from

Unlike so many other multi-room solutions available, MusicCast isn’t just a few wireless speakers and a soundbar, there’s 35 current MusicCast products to choose from. That includes wireless speakers, soundbars, soundbases, HiFi components, micro systems, AV Receivers, micro amps, multi-room packages and a whole lot more! So if you need an audio product, chances are Yamaha make it and there’s one with MusicCast available.

6) It’s available from a retailer near you

Yamaha have a handy dandy retailer locator over here http://uk.yamaha.com/en/dealers/ and it lets you enter your postcode and choose the type of retailer you want to buy from (Audio & video in this case)… then you can simply visit the retailer and buy some MusicCast! You can even find it online from various retailers so you can order from your sofa.

7) Getting multiple phones or tablets involved is easy

If you have a phone and a tablet, or more than one person living in the same house… MusicCast is the system for you. Simply setup your system on one phone and the same settings will be transferred to another by just opening the MusicCast app. Simple!

8) It’s customisable

You can use room names, fun names, gallery pictures or even your own pictures… change the background colour, change the source names, hide sources you don’t use… it’s totally flexible and can fit in with what you’re wanting to get out of MusicCast.

9) It’s future proofed

All current MusicCast product is ready for the future, every future MusicCast product will be backwards compatible with everything now. What does that mean? It means when you buy a wireless speaker today, it’ll work with your new micro system you’ve bought as a treat to yourself in 5 years’ time.

10) It’s got Bluetooth

Bluetooth is something almost every smartphone on the market has today, if you’ve been living in a cave or under a rock… it’s a wireless technology that allows you to send audio from one place to another. The great news is that MusicCast has Bluetooth on board every single product and you can use it by connecting as you would to any other Bluetooth speaker on the market.

11) You can use things you already own

If you already own a standalone or portable Bluetooth speaker or even a pair of Bluetooth headphones, you can use those with MusicCast. All products within the MusicCast family happen to have a Bluetooth transmission feature which allows you to stream any and all audio coming from the MusicCast product, over to your Bluetooth device. Watch movies late at night on Bluetooth headphones without waking the neighbours, take the cricket into the garden with your Bluetooth speaker… use it as you need to!

12) It’s got Airplay

Apple users rejoice! Airplay is included in every MusicCast product so you can just use it as part of your Airplay network. The airplay speaker names will also appear as the names you’ve given the wireless speakers in MusicCast like ‘Living Room’ or ‘Bedroom’ so you can tell what they are easily.

13) It’s all wireless

Everything MusicCast has WiFi on board so no extra cables required, just use the home broadband router you’ve already got (as you’re probably on the internet… right?) and away you go.

14) You can stream anything

Where most multi-room systems focus on just music, MusicCast lets you stream all the music but also any and all audio within the MusicCast system. To explain briefly, if you’ve got a CD playing in a MusicCast micro system, the audio from that CD can be sent over to a soundbar. Or if you’re listening to some sport through your soundbase, you can send that audio over to a wireless speaker in another room… or Bluetooth speakers/headphones as per (10).

15) It’s constantly being updated

You’ll spot a MusicCast app update nearly every month, and there’s firmware updates for your products rolling out as needed. Yamaha are committed to updating this system and it certainly shows!

16) You can use a real piano with MusicCast

Ok, so not everyone has the spare funds (or space) for a piano… but how cool is that. Using the new Yamaha DIsklavier ENSPIRE piano you can stream the piano sound through MusicCast or play it and have backing music coming through some better speakers. Pushing the boundaries of tech and music streaming is the name of the game here!

17) There’s plenty of support available

Yamaha offer support through their website at http://uk.yamaha.com/en/support/ and you can phone them on 0844 811 1116 if you need some help. You won’t be left alone and of course your local retailer will be able to help if you need them to as well.

18) It grows with you and your lifestyle

While you may only be looking at some kind of simple music speaker now, it could be when in a few years’ time you’re looking at something bigger or a soundbar… or even a home cinema system! Whatever it is, MusicCast grows with you and your needs easily.

For more information visit http://yamaha.com/musiccast

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