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You’d better not be reading this in bed…

By Sj.Cliff
You’d better not be reading this in bed…

As if you really need to be told, a recent study commissioned by Powwownow has revealed 18-24 year olds are the worst for pressing the Snooze button.

Rather than jump out of bed and kick the day in the ass, we much prefer lying in on ours.

On average, the student age group chooses to ignore their alarm a full FOUR times before thinking about waking up.

The survey of 2,000 people revealed that laziness isn't just reserved for the young. We all sleep in, over-indulge and a large number of us admit to lacking basic practical skills like being able to change a tyre…

In short we suck.

It seems that we've taken Homer Simpson’s Trash Compacter attitude : Can’t Someone Else Do it?! We’re quicker to tell someone we can’t do a task (not like we tried) and then get someone else to do it for us.

Ladies, you’re the worst offenders! 36% of you can’t unblock a toilet (compared to 23% of men) and 76% would have to get help if they got a flat.

But if it makes you girls feel any better, men of our age are said to be more alcohol dependent with 21% not being able to put the bottle down for a full month.

According to Powwownow, 18-24 year olds have the most negative attitude towards life in general, thus that negativity impacts on all aspects of our lives.

So let’s prove them wrong guys! We've had a month of 2014 to mope about, break resolutions and generally be lazy. Make February the month you change for the better!

That Snooze button won’t know what hit it.

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