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When waxing goes wrong!

By Sophie
When waxing goes wrong!

So you have a hot date, beach trip or the moustache is once again looming on your lippy horizon; it is time to get a wax!

However when waxing goes wrong the results can be disastrous: from that freshly plucked turkey look, to allergic reactions and ingrown hair, the perils of waxing are many, the advantage, just one: smooth and silky skin!

To help you get the most ooo out of your ouch! we have compiled this short and easy guide to home waxing- enjoy!Bikini

Step 1: Before

Skin Prep

  • to ensure that you are not allergic to the product, do a little skin tester the day before you embark on your waxathon!
  • have a shower: open your pores, but don’t let the water get too hot!
  • exfoliate: gently remove dead skin cells and clear the way for the wax
  • do not moisturise: wax does not like slippery skin
  • powder puff it: dust yourself with talcum powder to remove any moisture
  • hair length and skin condition: hair at 4mm should respond well to being waxed and avoid any moles, warts or broken skin!

Pain reduction Prep

  • Pop a painkiller 30 minutes before you get waxing
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine at least 2 hours prior to waxing
  • Try to relax: it’s easier said than done but the more tense you are, the more it will hurt!

Step 2: During

Wax application

  • Read the product information: home waxing products come in 2 forms, either as a thicker no strip wax, or more often strip wax kits. This guide applies to warm strip wax use. 

Hair removal

  • Apply an even layer of wax in the direction in which the hair grows: remember to follow the product instructions concerning heating!
  • Smooth on the strip in the direction the hair grows.
  • Pull your skin taunt and pull the strip back against the direction of the hair. Try to do this quickly and in one even motion. If you have to repeat the process, be careful, as this is how bruising can occur.

Step 3: After 

  • Apply post wax solution: usually this is included in your home waxing kit. If you would like a little extra soothing action then store some aloe vera gel in the fridge and apply with a cotton pad.
  • Avoid hot showers, baths and fake tan for 24 hours post waxing.
  • In order to keep those ingrown hairs at bay start a light exfoliating and moisturising routine at least 24 hours after your wax!

And that’s it! Happy waxing!

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