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What you can expect from the world’s biggest Primark

By Freya Millard
What you can expect from the world’s biggest Primark

(Banner image: Heiko Kueverling / Shutterstock.com)

After months of delays, we can all finally rejoice in the knowledge that the world’s biggest Primark will be opening its doors on 11 April in Birmingham.

This will mark the 187th Primark store to open up on UK high streets, showing just how big the company’s impression on the marketplace has grown. As expected, there are a great deal of hopes and ambitions for this new flagship store, and so here’s an idea of what you’ll find this April...


It’s going to be huge

Okay, it’s an obvious point but yes, this megastore will be 160,000 sq ft and located in Birmingham’s former Pavilions shopping centre. 

Credit: photosounds / Shutterstock.com


Jobs galore!

A bigger shop obviously means more jobs. They will be hiring around 900 people and 430 of which will be transferring from the current Primark in Birmingham city centre which is only down the street.

Credit: Johnny Essex / Shutterstock.com


Some mystery

The store will offer several unique services that are set to expand the potential of what Primark provides to customers. You can expect to find some surprises as to what they’ve got planned on launch day.

Credit: Jonny Essex / Shutterstock.com


Beauty and grooming

Aside from showcasing the latest trends in fashion and homeware, the multistorey shop will also include Primark's largest ever beauty studio and barber shop to meet all your beauty needs in store.


Comfortable break areas

Additionally, there will be seating areas located around the store that offer charging stations and an in-store WiFi for all customers to access.


Food options

To make for an all-round satisfying shopping experience, customers can also find three different dining options to choose from, since shopping is hungry work!


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